Does any one else use CAD to design pieces

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  1. I use solidworks on a regular basis to design new pieces and i am always looking for new ideas for theme bowls give me an idea and i will make it in CAD.

  2. You've got a lot of time on your hands bro
  3. yeah well if you get really good at programs like these you can get a nice job and make shit tons of money designing shit.
  4. $22.50 an hour is worth paying 3 grand for this program.
  5. I modeled a few pieces and did some original designs as practice/ for the hell of it. Modeling glass is a little silly tho, make more sense to just get on a torch.

    I can't find wtf I did with all my files :smoke: but heres an old screenshot of a gridded bc ashcatcher cross section

  6. very nice i'll come back at you with this beauty


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    any others? that one is impractical but good 3d modeling

    edit: looking through your deviant art
  8. tell me if there are any that you like in my deviant art
  9. Just a rough design:


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