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Does any one elae have a ritual when it comes to smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by gswizzle, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. I almost always smoke a cig and drink a beer when i blaze anyone else ?

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  2. Usally always smoke a cig right after every smoking session, if we're gonna smoke soon I won't smoke a cig, and I'll wait untill were done with the last bowl, and or untill we let the hotbox out, then I smoke a cig cause I like cigs more high, but I'm trying to quit cigs
  3. A beer is great for when you're throat is burning or fried.
  4. Puff masts what u just said I's exatly what i do

  5. Same here man.
  6. Put my laptop on my toilet to go on forums, headphones in to listen to music, turn fan on, and smoke in my bath tub.... best way to end every day
  7. blaze up after getting off work... Then make a fucking feast in my kitchen.
  8. Gym, smoke
  9. Open baggie.
    Take out bud.
    Break up bud.
    Put in bubbler.
    Light bud.
  10. I smoke weed to avoid the cancer causing shit this world produces and economically feeds off of.
    So I pack a bowl
    Turn on some Eminem
    Light and hit, the relax and enjoy the tunes.
    Repeat till bowl is cashed.
  11. I always listen to music and drink a Watermelon/Mango Arizona...Boss shit!
  12. if i'm going to smoke a blunt, I always roll two.

    other than that I just kind of smoke ... lol.
  13. Make sure I got whatever I need by my couch, like food, and read or watch a movie. Music is always on.
  14. Sfsc, if you roll 2 blunts every time you smoke 1, you must have a stash of blunts with as many blunts as you've ever smoked. Thatd be intense
  15. i don't know if you'd call it a ritual but I bring my acoustic guitar out and jam on it while listening to Howard Stern during my sessions alone lol.
  16. My solo ritual consists of me getting blazed (2-4 bong bowls every day after 9+ hours of landscaping) get lost in thought, eat a lot of food, fall asleep watching a movie. Wake up, do it ALL over again.

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