Does America own the moon?

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinMartian, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Considering they we're the first to land on it. Is the moon the 53rd state of the US?
  2. No they don't. No it isn't.
  3. Oh, we totally own the moon. We made the moon our bitch.
  4. truth be told the moon owns us. Without it the worlds eco system would crash.
  5. Nobody owns the moon like nobody owns the earth. It might have a more powerful US presence I guess.
  6. We never landed on it. Its a conspiracy! 0.o
  7. Did I miss when we added the other 2 states?

    Am I really that stoned?

    If Oil was found on the Moon, there would be a battle for it similar to Antarctica.
  8. If you honestly believe that U need to quit blazing
  9. no one own the moon like no one own the U.S
  10. look for your self
  11. We're America, we own the WORLD. And the moon.
  12. America!


  13. did no one else pick up on that?
    ..there are not currently 52 states, the moon wouldn't be the 53rd, it'd be the 51st hahaha..

    and yes we do own it.Trespassers will be evicted!

    (there can't be oil on the moon coz there's never been animals there.
    Oil is dead animals)
  14. yea the whole time i was reading this thread i was thinking i was a complete idiot for not knowing we had 52 states wow i need a break from this stuff....Not! haha
  15. We Own Everything!
  16. We may have landed there, but we didn't discover it.
  17. Hell yes it is!
  18. you bloody yanks think you own everything...........nah just joking;)

    our indigenous aussies own it,, they claimed land rights because of some bloody moon serpent slept on it before it came here.............:eek:
  19. cant forget Israel and Iraq:wave::wave:
  20. No, America does not own the moon.

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