Does aloe vera lose potency!?

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  1. So I've noticed after cutting down a stem of aloe.vera from my outdoor plants, and left in a humid bag it starts to become soggy and smelly I've also noticed it isnt strong in enzymes by that I mean it doesnt have that strong taste to it and it becomes more like water in taste does this mean it's unviable??!
  2. I believe so.
  3. I mean its still plump and plump and juicy its not soggy at all just the taste isnt as strong as cut fresh, take in mind its been in a sealed bag I had a rotten lemon peel in there for some reason now my aloe smells horrid.
  4. Not a good sign but I don't know Aloe. I know roses and some veggies.
  5. naturally all plants break down, over time and temp, plastic bag would be one of the worst places
    better to maker a light tea and spray lightly over the plant for hot days or sick plant its a great surfactant, with some free minerals thrown in, but thats really all
    better for you to take a handful of soil as vera soil is loaded with much needed and free Arbuscular mycorrhiza, add to your soil bin, or plant base.
    its the most popular type of many strains of fungi and the list of goodness is unreal
    check the links:
    Mycorrhizal Association in Cannabis Cultivation

    avoid tasting the yellow latex as it a slightly toxic and a laxative, the juice is ok
    I use it as a surfactant in germing, and a tonic on hot days

  6. Retail aloe juice for drinking contains preservatives so it must spoil without them. I drink it daily to keep my inner soil ticking.
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