Does a vaporizer stop asthma attacks?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by LiVe4AThRiLL, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. my new gf has asthma... she knows i smoke but i cant really smoke around her cuz she has asthma, so we just get drunk. but i love weed too! i wanna get a vaporizer cuz its better 4 u, but i was just wondering if the vaporizer would trigger an asthma attack, or if it would be like anything else. anybody know for sure?
  2. it would most likely help but if it doesnt try cooking with weed
  3. i was thinkin about doin that... but im kinda hesitant on trying the vape cuz, well, i dont want her to die over it. i wont do it unless im sure it wont hurt her... thanks
  4. I definitely second the food idea, don't risk any sort of smoke with someone who has asthma, unless she has it really controlled.

  5. There is no smoke with a vaporizer.

    Not that I'm recommending it to a girl with asthma, but it'd be the only viable way as opposed to a bong.
  6. Ah I thought there was a little bit or something, thanks for clarifying, I've never used one.

  7. Correct, there is no smoke and all the toxins that is in smoke, but even though it is thought that THC is a bronchodialator, it is also a lung irritant even in vapor form (not nearly as bad as smoke), and being that that's the case, I would not recommend smoking OR vaping to someone that has ANY lung condition without some medical consultation.
  8. I've got chronic bronchitis and asthma. Smoking has never hurt either condition a bit.

    It makes them more noticeable for the duration of my sessions, but the physical act of smoking itself does not induce an attack or increase the duration of a bronchitis flare.

    Vaporizing will help ease the pain on anyone with a lung condition when they smoke.

    However, there's no reason you should have to stop smoking around someone who has asthma.

    It's even more bogus if they ask you to do so.

  9. If it is affecting said condition then it isn't bogus at all. You wouldn't ask someone to not smoke around if you knew it would cause an asthma attack?

    I also have asthma and the vaporizer doesn't seem to arouse any symptoms. Tell to her to bring her inhaler just in case :metal:
  10. If it is already noted that the individual and their condition are affected by a third party's smoking then by all means refrain from smoking around this person.

    However, it is doubted that said individual's asthma is to the point where even smoke simply "blown in the other direction" is plausible to induce an attack.

  11. Phased, please just keep your texts uncentered and unbolded. To OP, the safest bet is to go for edibles. But I'd atleast have you try a vaporizer or a cooled smoke (bubbler or bong), since I don't think they will cause an asthma attack.
  12. I have asthma i smoke kind alot, i read that it actually helps asthma like it works as a inhaler kinda but im no doctor id look it up or something
  13. there are a few ppl i hang with that have asthma and they smoke weed like no other and are find. honestly i dont even think they use inhalers.

    but i did read in a med book that thc help prevent asthma attacks. but you cant smoke it u have to vape it.
  14. i guess ill just have to try & see what happens :cool:

    thanks guys
  15. my girl's got really bad asthma and smokes like a chimney
  16. ive had asthma all my life, and i use a dry piece daily, and ive never had an asthma attack from smoking, but im also aware that my asthma isnt nearly as serious as other some people people

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