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Does a vape smell when you use it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420ape, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Also i was thinking of getting a lightbulb and making an improvised one

    How would i go about doing this?

    I gotta keep blazin on the DL in my house atm
  2. please dont subject yourself to the nastiness of a ligthbulb vape.

    either buy a real vape, or go outside and smoke.

    or just smoke inside. :cool:
  3. Slight smell barley any smoke. But yeah buy a vape, don't bother making a lightbulb one.

  4. why is this
  5. why's what
  6. nahh i disagree with the guy against the lightbulb. it is decent and u can get some nice hits of it.

    it tends to burn the weed irregularly by darkening one side way more then the other, but atleast you get a sense of what a vape feels like


    i dont care if you think you're jesus christ, your question has been asked before.

    put do vapes smell on google. put how to make a lightbulb vape on google.

    fuck dont be an asshole and make ppl do all the work for you. not cool at all dumbassss
  7. I've smoked dankness out a lightbulb vape that was harsher than any J of schwag I've ever smoked.

    Fuck lightbulb vapes.
  8. #8 Goldmine, Apr 22, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 22, 2010


    well im going to disagree with your disagreement bc what is the point of even vaporizing in the first place..

    health benefits? the taste?

    well the taste certainly isnt worth it, and youre defeating the entire health purpose by SMOKING OUT OF A LIGHTBULB, man. its fucking stupid. im not flaming you.

    dont even bother with a vape, if youve gotta go homemade then just make a pipe. or get some fucking papers. if you dont have 200 dollars to get a GOOD vaporizer, just dont even fucking bother. just smoke.

  9. Ok,
    1- I'm not a dumbass
    2 - quit trolling
    3 - Im not jesus christ
    and 4 - thanks for the input
  10. 1. you obviously are since you didnt google your question. why didnt you? cause you are:rolleyes:
    2. im alright, umad?
    3. really you must be like a genius then
    4. no problem, google is hard for some i guess

    here so you dont have to use your the little nut brain in your skull

    Let me google that for you

    Let me google that for you
  11. Ive never used a lightbulb vape but ive owned 4 vaporizers from the $50 vapor genie to the $540 volcano :eek: vaping defiantly leaves a smell in the room that smells like burnt popcorn and straight up marijuana. But it doesn't smell like burning marijuana and the smell goes away really fast and doesn't move into the next room like smoking would:smoking:

  12. whatever :)

  13. Thanks man, that kinda answers my question
  14. IF you do decide to do it, make sure it's a clear light bulb, not a white one, lol.

    I have used one before, it was alright.. use a candle to heat it, and you don't have to worry about holding a lighter.

    I'm assuming you are a kid, or else you would just go on ebay and buy a real one. If by chance you are an adult though, get yourself a Magic Flight Launch Box. They are $100, and are a great first vape. I had a Volcano, and I don't really miss it, that's how good the MFLB is :)
  15. not a kid but not really an adult either.
    but yeh i might buy a vape when i next get paid. piping it gets old really
  16. yeah buy a vape dont make a lightbulb one they suck.
  17. damn some of you guys are really mean, i go on apprentice tokers forum to see if there are any questions i can answer for people. thats kinda the whole point of this forum entitled "apprentice tokers" - so that new smokers, or misinformed smokers, can get their questioned answered by people who really know what theyre talking about. a vast majority of the questions on here can be answered by typing them into google but that kinda defeats the whole purpose of this forum, doesnt it?

    anyway - to the OP - these guys are right - lightbulb vaporizers CAN work, but they really shouldnt be used as a substitute when a real vaporizer is a possibility. if you have the dough, and you can get them for like $100, id suggest getting a decent vape. i just bought the arizer extreme q, and i love it. there is a slight smell expelled when you breathe out the vapors but it instantly goes away. vapors dont really linger so its not like smoke thats gonna stick to the carpets and furniture. pot smoke in general doesnt linger, but its gone very quickly when using a vaporizer.
  18. I amn't new to smoking though :/
    But don't know much about vapes.

    So would a hit on a vape get you higher than a hit from bong?
    Also does the vapour go into a big long bag does it not? i saw on youtube
  19. Get caught with that light bulb by the cops or your parents and have fun explaining that you were trying to freebase marijuana.

  20. how is it freebasing weed in any way what so ever

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