Does a plant in its vegetative state smell up ur house?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by odoylerules1021, May 3, 2006.

  1. I want to grow a plant in a speaker cabinet but can't if it smells up my house, will it smell up my house in its vegetative statel, I pretty sure it will in flowering but i have think i have a solution for that.
  2. better start 4 to make sure 1 is a female,,,unless you can get a clone,,,if you smoke pot in your house daily,,,, dont worry about the veg. smell,,, you wont notice the smell,,,a speaker cab. aint that tall,,,so you proably aint going to have a huge plant== no huge smell,,,, definatlly start 4 ,, dont trust 1 plant only,,,, or you may waste time on 1 male...and what good will that do u..:cool:
  3. Mine is in a computer cabinet, so it's about the same size as a speaker cabinet. It's still in veg and it does smell when I open the cabinet after a few hours nothing too strong though.
  4. yes its going to have a green plant smell, naturally,,,,just as if u had tomatoes in there,, and opened it up,,, youd smell the pungent smell of a tomatoe plant,,,unless you have a superstinky plant going,,,, smell really wont be much of a issue,,,,just make sure you have good ventilation in that closed box,,, you do need a fresh air inlet,,, and a exaust hole,,, inlet on the bottom of the box,,,, exit up top of the box,,,,,air should be circulating a littlr in there,,,if you can hold a ciggarette up to the inlet hole,,, and you see it drawing the smoke into the hole,,,, then your doing fine,,,,,the same can apply for the exit hole,,,, blow some smoke in the box,,,, then close it up,,,, if the smoke gets pulled out of your exaust hole,,,, your doing fine,,,,,,,this circulating air,, will help deliver a much needed supply of co2 to your plants,,,,stale non moving air dont replenish the co2,,,, so once your plants absorb whats in the box,,, with no more being supplied,,,, they will stop growing,,,,, and just idle at the same size,,,, or grow so slowly,,,,these holes can be real small,,, maybe 5 little drill holes spaced close togheter,,,, do some searching on the treads,,, for other peoples ventisetups,,,,, and youll get a better idea of how it needs to be setup,,,,, good luck...
  5. most don't smell too much during veg growth, but a few do.

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