Does a carbon scrubber work?

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  1. I recently purchased a 6 inch inline fan and an I power carbon scrubber but I'm nervous my two plants will still smell. I live in a condo with many other apartments around me but the walls are super thick and concrete. Also I smoke all the time in my room with no issues so I'm wondering if I take necessary precautions such as using my carbon scrubber, if I will still be stinking up the whole floor. I am on the very corner of the 80+ roll building on the 3rd floor but my window faces the street and is basically above the entrance. I will also most likely have my bottom
    Vent flaps open to bring airflow into the tent. As long as my carbon scrubber is hooked up properly I should be fine correct?
  2. That's what they're designed for and those I know who have and use them are well satisfied. We installed one a few months back. We flower off around 25-30 plants every 10 weeks or so, so you can imagine that when we have a room that is in the last couple of weeks of flower, the smell is pretty darn strong. Hubs went in before we installed the scrubber and did everything he could possibly do to shore up the flower room to stop any leaks of odor and we never really had a bad problem with it before we put ours in. But when you opened the door that goes into the veg area, you could always smell what was coming out of the flower room which is accessed through the veg area. The scrubber fixed things right up. I bought a big one because we flower with 4 lights and I have 2 fans in my ventilation setup and it's worked great. Do know that they only last for a period of time and then have to be replaced, so read up on them and even read some reviews on different brands and models to get a better idea of what you'll be dealing with. Good luck! TWW
  3. You've been really informative in helping me start my first grow and I wanna say I really do appreciate it. I know people are probably getting sick of me and my abundance of questions but I really just want to make sure I do things right (without getting caught).
  4. Hi bgibs: Scrubbers do work, but - - . Example: in my small tent, 2x2x5, I use an 8" which I exhaust outside, and it works excellent. On Youtube there's a video on how to vent outside if your in a condo. Check it out. GL
  5. Cheap carbon filters don't work but good quality filters work 100% when new. I find I have to change mine about 1 per year. I use Rhino Pro brand. Once they are a year old I get the occasional wiff of bud when I walk in my front door
  6. I'm afraid of it smelling on the street more than anything. My place always smells like weed lol but nobody who has a problem with it is ever there. I live around a bunch of old straight edge dinosaurs and I can't have them havin a fit.
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  7. Also I picked up the Ipower scrubber off amazon. It has a 4.5 out of 5 stars based on like 300+ reviews so I'm hoping it will get the job done. If not I'll be buying the Rhino one. I actually have a second filter too that I ordered but it was like 27 inches long and way too big for my tent.
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  8. Got me a 4" I power with the reversible caps on the ends, was running the scrubbed air outside from a 2x2x5 tent and you could still smell it outside, I believe it was the brand, I currently switched my set up around a bit and have a growbright 6" X 28" carbon filter now and can't smell a thing, but it's not the best brand name again
    I cannot stress enough the importance of a good filter, next time around I plan on getting a rhino , phresh, or phat brand filter, those are supposedly the best
    Good luck
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  9. Gonna try the Rhino should this one not work
  10. And don't forget the massive smell once you chop the girls down and need to dry / cure them..

    And save your money on phresh filters..all hype
  11. Cheap filters are exactly that cheap price, cheap material, cheap construction. If smell is a concern and you want something that works stick with the name brands like phresh and Can. Some cheap ones might reduce the smell but they'll never work like a quality filter. I don't have room to mess around when it comes to smell control. My freedom and keeping my grow hidden is worth more then a cheap filter.
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  12. Well put killset I think I may have to grab another filter between now and flowering. Also Picasso is there anything I can do when it comes time to cut them down and dry them
  13. You can try to reduce the smell hanging them to dry in a cardboard box or something but the smell will be strong regardless...and you can't really mask it with fragrance because that smell / taste could seep into the plants final product
  14. Damn yeah I didn't really think of that one but I guess I will read up on it and cross that bridge when I get to it
  15. I think a lot of people dry it in the tents that they grew it in. I have a dedicated box for mine with a 4" fan set on slow sucking through a carbon filter. It has 3 sliding doors on the front, I took them off for the photos


  16. Dope set up man thanks for sharing!
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