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Does a bong get you more high?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by BGreen420, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if a bong or gravity gets you more high compared to smoking out of a pipe. Help me out./
  2. Yes. You can take in more smoke. So more thc is obsorbed.

  3. No matter what

    Bongs FTW :smoking:
  4. Bong sauce!
  5. I've never smoked a real bong before but my bubbler got me super ripped earlier.
  6. Does it get you more high since you are able to take more in. I noticed i use more weed on the gravity bong.
  7. Well, it gets you higher with less hits because bongs usually rip and you usually blow out a big smoke cloud right? You take a rip or two and your baked, but your bud burns faster.
  8. Especially true of GB's
  9. i smoke a lot of weed and i noticed a filtered gravity bong gets me the most ripped out of any style of smoking.

    now i like to get stoned but blunts seem to get me the least high but are still my favorite style of smoking, just because i like to roll them and they are just better when smoking socially IMO

    but bongs and gravity bongs definitely seem to get ME higher than any other style of smoking
  10. Vaporizer. :]
  11. Whenever smoke passes through water it becomes more enriched so, yes..totally.
  12. More high? lol HIGHER?
  13. no it does not... people think it does but your just taking in more smoke so you get more thc, you could get just as high with anything else.. but a vaporize gets you the highest because it gets like up to 85% of the THC.. any other smoking device doesnt get that much, idk the exact amount bongs get but its not as high as a vape.
  14. YOu should answer this question yourself through experimentation, it's worth it
  15. Smokin weed is smokin weed man joints,Bongs,Bubz,Pipes.
    No matter what they are gonna get you "Ripped"
    But if you want that extra kick you in the face high and you have the money

    Go vaporizer.
  16. You'll obviously get bigger hits, so a bigger high may be possible. I use bongs more for the high/weed consumption ratio.
  17. i would rather hit a bong then a vap any day, combind them and well you may get me there...
  18. Bongs get me higher but the peak of the high is much shorter in my opinion than smoking a blunt or out of a pipe.
    Steamrollers are my favorite things to smoke out of though
  19. OOOOOOR you use a heatgun or hair dryer on a bong bowl and then technically it would be a vape annnnnd then super high lol

    if im wrong im sorry, im baked
  20. Nothing better then bong rips

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