Does 2010BC Glass Match The Quailty Of Toro or Roor

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  1. Straight out Question

    Does 2010BC Glass Match The Quality Of Toro or Roor is it American any info would be appreciated.

  2. been wondering this too... i cant find any reviews or anything...
  3. 2010 bc are American blowers, their glass is definately quality. Thick glass, durable quality joints. Their percs are cleanly made and have nice work on their worked pieces.

    They make stackable tubes and stand up bubblers, as well smaller bubblers and tubes.




    I REALLY like their ice pinch slides and gridded diffy's. What I don't like is their logo slapped on everything including the trees on their percs, their logo could use some work.

    Overall definately matches the quality of american glass blowing companies such as US Tubes, Toro and foreign like Roor. They are not POS prodo's thats for sure.
  4. Wow they look nice and the price's are a little lower or match other brands but thanks for the info what site did does pics come off or PM me

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    just so you guys know,its not a company,its a one man shop,,he is a sick ass blower outta CALIFORNIA,,and hell yes its matches quality if not better in my opinion,,,i wish i had some extra money to drop,i would for sure get one,,peace LEAR oh and BC stands for his name BRIAN CARIGNAN
  6. nice, didn't know it was one artist, he does some SICK work!
  7. That's insane, he is crazy good.
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    I just googled his name wow his myspace pics are got some nice glass:D
  9. I want to say Brian use to work for wicked sands. If not he did work in their shop.
    He does some nice work and knows what he is doing.
  10. Good god those are amazing.
  11. bc glass is definatley way above the level of RooR. and on par w/ toro i would say.

  12. Saw some of his stuff on ALT and was wondering about this myself.
    Thanks for the info LEAR.


  13. I thought he moved shop and now it was a full company? Not just Bryan
  14. I'm looking to buy 2010 bc tubes can someone pm me a good link where i can buy them?
    Thanks in advance
  15. i love the german color scheme lol.... i have heard his work is really quality and every pic i have seen, the work is really good
  16. if so i did not know this,,i would like to know too,,i will try and ask him thru a pm,,let you guys know if he gets at me,,peace LEAR
  17. I love how in the title you said "Toro and RooR"

    As if RooR was on the same level as Toro.

    But yeah, BC is totally better than RooR, blows it out of the water...As for Toro, that's your choice my friend. I think BC is more unique from the looks of it, but I've never hit one so I can't say for sure.
  18. What is ALT I have seen it mentioned a few times...
    Got's to get me some BC glass, they look freakin amazing!!

  19. Read the rules, you can't ask that. Search the forum for yourself, people allready have broken the rules for you if you search.
  20. Those low rider tubes look clean, and I actually like the water level lines, I'm surprised it took so long for a company to start putting that out.

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