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dodo glass

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by toker8792, May 15, 2010.

  1. anyone know is dodoglass is a good site to order from?
  2. I heard not to order from there cause they botch a lot of orders up.
  3. I have been doing a thorough search and still have not found any concrete proof that they are legit and reliable. I have seen post saying that they are the best thing since hydroponics, but the poster only has one or two post. Then there are those that say they are total crap, and they only have one or two post. The low posting brings out the skeptic in me.

    I'm a newb on this forum (duh) and would like to hear from some of the veterans as to whether they have had experience with this company and what they think.

    The reason I have been looking is because the wife has a birthday comming up and I found this real pretty multi color pipe for her. There are no head shops within 150 miles of my house.
  4. I got on the dodo site just to look at their inventory because i haven't heard of Dodo glass before.

    Just by looking at their selection I can tell that they don't sell quality glass. Most of the spoons and bubblers are made out of really thin glass or china glass, which would most likely break if it was just put down too hard. Even some of their bongs just look too top heavy for their own good, like a strong wind would knock them over.

    I'm not saying they don't have anything of quality but just by the looks of their main page i'm not liking what i'm seeing. I think if you're going to make a bong then you shouldn't make something that has a lot of open space in the middle or something that would fall apart if you picked it up wrong.

    I look for inside out glass when i buy, because then i know theres a layer of glass over another layer, which means its strongly made glass that is going to last.

    Hope that helped.
  5. USE THE GRASS CITY SHOP!! :hello:
  6. I have a bowl from them an my friend has a mini bowl a bubbler and a bong from them. The reason we like them so much is because u can go out and buy a pre paid card and buy it like that.
  7. I finally decided that I did not want to risk it and decided to buy from GC. I got 2 pipes for half the price of the Dodo site. Granted they are not hand blown glass, but they are a design and color that she will like.

    Maybe in time, I will find info that states beyond a doubt that their sales and customer relations have improved.

    Thanks GC
  8. I like most of the stuff on GC, but the bongs are way too expencive. I'd probably just buy a bowl or a slide from them at most.

  9. Hey man this generally works for anything on the internet, and anywhere that takes credit cards, in general.
  10. Try etsy bro find some nice thick glass for legit prices. I did recently and it should be here early next week =P
  11. I got a pipe there before. It was pyrex glass, but the work was a sham. Cheap pipes but not the best. I'd just rather buy a bong from my local headshop instead than online. Protables that's for the internet to suprise me.
  12. i mean if you have no other form of buying a peice, as in thru a friend or headshop thier not the worst and if you want cheap china glass with possibly fucked up orders you might wanna order from them, but id suggest EDIT, or grasscity

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