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Dodgy Weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by 221010, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I picked up a couple of tinnies the other day. Got it from my mate who got it off some dealer, he told me it was white rhino.. Not for a second did I believe him - cus, c'mon?

    They're decent sizes, I mean.. What I'd expect from a normal run-of-the-mill tinnie, and the same cost.. As far as I'm aware, rhino doesn't exactly have a high yield, does it? And therefore people charge an inflated price for it.

    Each time I've smoked it - badd headaches. Like, it feels like my brain is just shaking around and getting bruised inside my skull, not exactly pleasant.
    I just basically end up feeling shit and want to go to sleep.
    I've only vaporized it thus far, in Da Buddha and my new MFLB. Not very much either, it's not a result of being so off-my-ass that I feel shit, it's just that I feel shit. And as I have more, I feel worse.

    I've read that it could have been fertilized too late, and that is a common cause of "headache weed."

    I ground some up in a coffee grinder, and there was a shitload of yellow powder. I'm no expert on kief, but it didn't seem like kief. Unfortunately I can't coffee grind some right now, and the photo below of ground stuff is only ground with a standard grinder (Space Case).

    I'm a bit unsure eh.. I could just be paranoid.. But not without reason - dirt cheap "headache weed" which tastes quite unpleasant.




    What do people think? It really doesn't look too different to rhino pics I've seen online.

    Non-flaming comments and thoughts hugely appreciated :)
  2. It looks pretty good not trimmed too good I get head aches when I smoke a couple grams Of sativa

  3. We're talking headaches from the very start here.
    And it just gets worse as I smoke more.

    Doesn't taste like normal, although - could be because of the strain. I never shop by strain.
  4. Ya white rhino is a pretty harsh but dank strain
  5. Probably wasn't flushed or cured correctly
  6. Dont pay all too much attention to the name unless its a strain that's very unique and easily distinguishable. e.i. Sour D or Black Domina.

    Since you said you get a headache off the bat, and the fact that the weed looks pretty decent..I would have to say it was/had a bad flush.

    I once had OG that sparkled when I lit it and gave me bad headaches but smelled and looked great. It was the Fertz.

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