Dodging a bullet

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  1. So I had court today for violating probation. All in all, I failed 3-4 tests, the majority only for THC, with one random test coming back positive for alcohol. So yes, probation tests for alcohol, don't let anyone tell you they don't, that almost fucked me over.

    The judge I appeared in front of is notorious for handing out maximum sentences like candy, without sympathy for any reason you could conceivably come up with (even the concrete ones that normal people would make exceptions for). So here I was at the podium after being at the courthouse for over 6 hours, getting told by the judge repeatedly "it's time for you to go to jail." He wasn't letting the failed drug tests go, even after I appealed to his sense of humanity by telling him my next semester's tuition was already paid for and thus thousands of dollars were looming over my head ready to be wasted. He didn't care when I told him, against his previous knowledge, that I had paid my court costs in full either.

    So, my public defender, being the badass she was, decided to pull the ace in the hole out of her sleeve that I had mentioned earlier. She told the judge I was willing to take a drug test and that caught his attention. He said is that true and what else could I say I said yes. He said "if you pass you walk and if you fail you go to jail tonight." The defense attorney whispered in my ear "tell him right now if you can't pass." I did what I thought was right and said I can pass. I went in the back and we waited for all the drugs to show up on the indicators. One by one they showed up. Except THC and benzos. Enter my mind into hellacious territory. We waited a little longer and benzos were cleared, I wasn't worried about those. THC was being a bitch and the line in the end was faint as Hell. The probation officer that gave me the test was cool as shit and decided that was good enough.

    So the moral is, be responsible as fuck when you're on probation. Damn. And yet I'm considering celebrating tonight before I leave town tomorrow for my next semester. Would you? If you didn't have to take a test for another month and a half?
  2. Hehe you really made that into a story eh?

    Crazy shit man crazy shiite.
  3. A month and a half is more then enough time to get it out ur system...I SAY CELEBRATE witta FAT BLUNT.:D:smoke:

    Wow wat a dick (the judge) but damn id say invite ur public defender to the session for savin ur ASS!:cool:
  4. lucky you, mj is a felony in AZ rightt?????
  5. Yeah dude, good (well bad but good) luck...Yeah blaze that shit up, 6 weeks is alll good.
  6. Damn dude, hearing shit like this just pisses me off. A kid going to college and still doing well while smoking weed. It OBVIOUSLY isn't much of a fucking hindrance. ugh.
  7. Well luckily the charge was just underage consumption, failing a test for THC doesn't mean anything except you violate your probation, you won't catch a charge for that. Also, this was in the state of Tennessee, where they will charge you for anything and everything. Thankfully I haven't done anything stupid in AZ, I'm heading back out to school there tomorrow, that's why I was so worried.
  8. holy shit..that was a close one. blaze it up FAT while you CAN. cheers
  9. Damn well I guess you really did doge a bullet on that one. Im glad your PO was so cool.
  10. fuck that, i have a warrant for my arrest in washington some small town and they want me to go on probation for some rediculous amount of time cought with a bowl of weed. fuck that, as far as im concerned i'm never going to washington again. I aint never going back on probation. They cant take me alive
  11. You would be so dumb to continue smoking while on probation. Why would you even ask that question.

    Didn't you say the moral of the story was to be responsible while on probation? WTF is wrong with you?
  12. I guess i was stupid for my 6months of probation :confused_2: shit I was faded 24/7 sometimes I think its not what you do that makes you smart, but how you do it ;)

    Generally yes, if you smoke on probation your stupid because you get drug tested. But if you have ways around it then hey, stay faded.:cool:

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