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  1.      After months of wandering the city and numerous grows of varied success, I have finally made a journal. Anyone is welcome to post anything here, just have respect for your fellow grower is all I ask.
    Room specs are as follows:
    600 watt Ipower ballast and 6" cool tube
    3X6 overall dimensions, 7' height
    passive intake with 6" inline exhaust
    cheapo mylar over flat white walls
    I have mixed my own, it is roughly based on ITG's organic soil mix, although mine is slightly less than organic due to the pro mix peat base. I am more concerned with ease of use rather than organic, but I will not be using synthetic fertilizers at all. The soil is: 1 bale (56l) of promix, 1 large bag(56l) of Coast of Maine Bumper Crop organic soil builder, 3 cups Epsoma garden tone, 1 cup kelp meal, 1 cup alfalfa meal, 1 cup dolomite lime. It was thrown together quickly, and I need to source some additional items to add in still such as granite dust. I will be using the mix as it is.
    This grow will consist of three each regular Nirvana's Bubbliscious and Dutch Passion's Blueberry. I also have in the lineup a single feminized Blimburn Cream caramel auto and a single feminized lemon kush from Female Seeds. 

  2. Well, here they are. The one in the largest pot in the foreground is the cream caramel auto. I have grown about five autos thus far and quite frankly I have not been impressed. This one was free so there she goes. The three on the left in the back are Nirvana Bubbliscious, the three to their right are Dutch Passion blueberry. The lone pot in the middle is the Female seeds lemon kush. 
    the kush was the last seed to pop above ground and has been looking the weakest. I went into the grow today and found it laying on its side and very weak and skinny at the point where the stem contacts the soil, so she is propped up with a twist tie. I have a feeling  she is going to be problematic for me, I am thinking if she grows big enough without dying I will be hacking this plant into as many clones as she will produce and growing those instead of this single one. All were started in peat pots 5/16 and popped by 5/20. I did a transplant into these 2 qt containers 5/21. As of today these are five days above ground.
  3.      It is a bit early to be calling phenos here, but my bubs all seem to be uniformly identical and definitely shorter than the blueberries. One blueberry (furthest back right) has the wrinkled leaf phenotype, and from what I have read/seen of this strain that one is not a large producer nor does it bear the blueberry traits I am after, only time will tell for this one though. The front two blueberries are stretchy little things however, and I am hoping these will turn out to be the sativa pheno of this strain, which produce well while maintaining a 9 week flower, from what I have read. Again, only time will tell. 
  4.      Additionally, I have the light with MH bulb as far up as it goes, about 5 feet above them, and just turned the ballast from 50% up to 75%. I will be upping the light to 100% within a week and will lower the light onto them gradually, though it will be riding fairly high this run so all plants get a share of it, complete mylar coverage should minimize lost light from this high of a mount. I fear I will run out of room quickly with so many plants, so I will be switching to flower pretty early on; I normally would not run so many but there are six regular seeds down and I plan to make some seed. 
  5. <sup>Growing and Sublime? Well sign me right the frack up lol. Do you have a little fan you can put in there? If you create a nice breeze it will help with the stretch and keep the canopy temps cooler when you start dropping that hood. They are looking real healthy !!! I am subbed up. Let's Grow !!!</sup>
  6.  Yo trout, thanks for the sub! I do have a small fan in there, its mounted up top behind my head in the photo. I had a box fan in there until everything got too big last round and the wife has since taken it back to her 'lair', nine months preggo doesn't look like fun man. But yes, I was thinking the same thing, the small one moves the air, but it was better for taller plants all bushed up. I also think there is a need for more perlite in my mix, I'm thinking the small fan + low perlite in the soil is reason enough for that lemon kush to have fallen over. 
  7. Alright, it is time for an update! I am happy with the growth that has taken place over the past week. I plan to update weekly, on Saturdays. The lemon kush is officially dead, I chalk this up to my soil being too wet. oops. 
    And here we go: left three = bubbliscious, right three = dp blueberry, front = cream caramel auto
  8. Also, I have ordered additional perlite and ten 3 gallon root pouches, these plants will be grown out in wick systems noobwannab style! some perlite will be added to my soil mix as it a little light on the stuff, some more will be utilized as a wicking medium for the pots. I went with root pouches for a couple of reasons: 1. they were cheap, I paid $20.00 for ten delivered to my door 2. all of the "fabric" pots I looked at seemed to be manufactured from recycled plastic bottles, which I can't foresee wicking terribly well. The root pouch website states they use other natural fibers (they claim jute, vegetable fiber, and bamboo) in addition to the plastic when they are manufactured, so I am comfortably sure they will wick well. I plan to buy some five gallon buckets and remove the upper portion, leaving a nice base to hold the perlite and water, the base of the buckets measures 10.375" and the base of my root pouches measures 10" .. perfect fit.
  9. I was at Dodger stadium last week. I did not see any 600 watt hole in the wall. Your plants look nice though!
  10. Hey Danbridge!! thanks and welcome in man, The hole is well hidden, I hear it's not far from the beer stands.. 
  11.      As a fisherman and an adult child, I can't help but to go out after summer storms and catch worms! I love it! I snagged these out of the back yard last night in about fifteen minutes, there must six or eight dozen in there. I will be starting a worm bin up to generate castings, plus it's always nice to have some big ol' crawlers on hand. I will be slaying some farm pond bass with a few of these bad boys, as well as stealing their poop. If anyone has experience with a worm bin, is it problematic to keep it in the fridge? That is where worms keep the best IME but I don't know how cool temps affect quality of castings. My only other option is to keep the bin in my basement because temps are cool and stable year round, but I would prefer the fridge approach and I know the wife doesn't want a big tote of worms in the freshly finished basement.. thoughts/opinions anyone?[​IMG]
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    What's growing on Dodge? I bet them Bubs are looking nice by now. I can't wait to see an update.
    Happy Growing
  13. Hey trout, sorry for the delay, I am on here every day reading or lookin around, but unless it is the weekend I'm using the app and don't get notified... plus its sort of a pain to really type anything out on here. The bubs are taking off, I have some side growth just starting to form little protrusions above the leaf sets as of tuesday.
  14. So today my order came In, I ordered 4 cubic feet of perlite and some fabric pots, but all the delivery service left was one bag of perlite. Not very happy about this. I followed My tracking number and the delivery service has on record all items were delivered, I have a feeling this will be a pain in the ass to get sorted out, if I don't get outright ripped off because of this. Yay.
  15. Oh man trout, classic! Sorry, I had some friends fly out friday from the west coast and was out all day saturday. Then today the wife had me doin the honey-do list I'm whooped. Ill get some pics up In 4-5 hours I'm on lunch break at the moment..
    No worries. I was just turning your screws lol

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