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Doctors physicals

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Idonkeypunch, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. So in a couple months I am switching doctors, to switch to a new doctors office they have to do some routine check on everything like blood count and all of that, what im wondering is do they drug test you? And also I have been a daily smoke for 2 months, if I were to smoke on weekends only and then quit a half a month before would it still show up? Thank you for all your responses
  2. no, they do not drug test you against your will lol
    they can, if you ask I believe, but that's pretty rare. If they do take out blood or ask for a piss test, its most likely checking your sugar intake, cholesterol, etc..
  3. Oh wow. I thought that everytime I had to pee in a cup it was for drug testing.... Lol. They never called me or anything so I just put it off to the side
  4. #4 Idonkeypunch, Aug 4, 2011
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    Thank you :) I love the herb so much and I just started rolling pretty decent joints, would suck to have to quit for a bit, especially since winter time is pretty much constant parties here :)
  5. What are you worried about, him calling the cops? (maybe parents)
  6. Lol, no I worried about this once, too. They just ran the basic check up routine, and didn't even ask me to piss in a cup for anything, and if they do, like everyone else said, it's not a drug test. It's for something else.
  7. You should not even worry if they do drug test you. Unless your 18...... Doctor patent confidentiality ftw
  8. #1. Drug tests are separate from other tests done by the doctors that check for cholesterol etc... (as mentioned above)

    #2. Who cares if you got tested by your doctor (unknowingly) and it came up positive. Other than your parents, the doctors can do anything.
  9. don't mention it :) toke up brother.
    stay high

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