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doctors in sacramento : HELP please

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by iAMmrNICEguy, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. So i recently moved to sacramento and am interested in getting a medical marijuana card :hello: but ive been looking around and found a medicann and called them but they said i needed Doctor records saying that a doctor has tried to treat my symptom (eating disorder) but i have never went to the doctor for it. i do not have a doctor out in sacramento to goto to get these records.

    so what im trying to ask is

    is there any doctors in sacramento that i can recieve a medical card from without any past records?
  2. You have to have your medical records with you.

  3. what if i dont have any?

  4. Then your most likely not getting a reccomendation until you get some records. Go see a doc or contact your old doc and get the records from him

  5. okay i can try that, but what if i just went to a free clinic?

  6. I am not sure if that will work or not, Im sure one of the other members will know though.

    Happy Tokin':smoking:

  7. alright... thanks yo!
  8. i went to medicann to get mine and all they want to see is another dr.s chart on your condition just get ahold of your old dr to have them fax your medical record to medicann you dont have to tell them what its for just say your new clinic needs your chart or any info about your eating disorder try it out man its worth it and medicann is the best
  9. I know if you go to a clinic in the bay, $175 and any chronic pain will get you a card, if you go to the right doc ;)
  10. Do you not have any previous medical records at all or are they out of state?:confused:

    BTW,tossing out an idea...CA has a bunch of ongoing eating disorders studies. You could get both up to date records, and make money.
    If nothing is open currently, they post new ones all the time. Most studies give you a full physical. They have them at various colleges throughout the state, just check around.
    Eating Disorders - Research - Department of Psychiatry - Stanford University School of Medicine

  11. my parents have my medical records they dont support marijuanna (and yes im over 18) lol

    i currently goto sac state... i wonder if they have anything like that? or maybe if i just goto the doctor here and tell them i have trouble eating.. and that way they can just give me some records
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    As long as you're over 18 your medical records are legally yours. The doctor (s) who treated you should have copies (as long as its not over seven years ago, depending on what state you were in) and you can request the records directly from them, your parents do not have to know anything about it.
    Simple instructions on how to request records
    Requesting Medical Records - How to Request Your Medical Records
    But its always good to have a local doctor, the local doctor can request your records and you can get copies from him/her and have up to date documentation of an ongoing problem.:)
    Your college at least has a psych dept which seems to have some awareness of eating disorders, talking to them should be doable
    Sacramento State - Psychological Counseling Services - Eating Disorder
    Hope everything works out well for you!

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    Here is a name and # you can call(Hanya Barth)Phone#415-255-1200-for Medical Marijuana Evaluations-Mental and physical-Wellness Counseling.She has offices in Truckee and San Francisco Ca.I was lacking on my Medical records and she sent off for them for me,you just need a Phone # and Doctors name and Address.Hope that helps.
  14. thank you...

    and thank you everyone else... i appreciate everyones feedback

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