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Doctors in Montana???

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by bigpapa22, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. I have wasted alot of time and money, somthing i don't have much of :( , trying to find a doctor that would even be willing to discuss the possibilitys of refering mmj. if any one has any info in good ol MT i would apreciate it.
  2. I live in Montana too and I've kinda been wondering the same thing. +rep
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    yea check out the caregivers, a guy i know found a dr and got help gettin his with them.
    and ive heard that theres a doc in butte and another in missoula but i dont know what clinic or the drs names. if i had stayed in bozeman for this semester i wouldve gotten my green card, but ill be gettin it when im back out this summer or fall.

    oh and ya might wanna check out the legislature on the mmj regs so you know what to talk about to the dr, and take a look at sb326 its about expanding mmj laws and so far its passed every committee in the senate and is going to the house
  4. thanks for the great response all :hello:. I missed the thc FOUNDATION THING FOR THIS GO AROUND BUT WILL KEEP MY EYE on the schedule. to all my MT bro's i'm adding you to my list of peeps. it would be coo to have a montana thread on hear so we can keep in touch. maybe i'll start one. i'm just gonna smoke this bowl first. :bongin:

  5. Hey guys & gals in the great state of Montana!!!!! :hello: the doctor out of missoula is in the town of Victor . His name is Dr. Christiansen {he is the MAN}:D (406)- 642-9599 ;) You need to call his office & make an appointment , he does from 10 -12 people every other day or so.:confused: Not sure of how many times a week. You must have your records , then call him or his sec. Just 2 let you know ,I booked an appointment back in Oct. , I didn't get in to see him till Jan. :eek: My wife and a very good freind booked appointments after I got mine , they just got their licenses on the first of April.:cool: Now the grow is own. Here is some shots of my first legal grow. Peace out.:smoking:

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  6. sweet, now i know who the dr. is, once im back to mt, im gonna schedule an appt. whatd ya tell him your reasons for needing it, or does he not care really?
  7. just a question but do you have to have like some serious problem to obtain the card or how difficult is it to get it?

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