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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by billybob9798, May 11, 2010.

  1. yeah im going to the doctor today cause i have a cold and cant miss any more school without a doctors note, is there any chance i will get drug tested for that, may be dumb but i havent been in a few years.
  2. No, you will not get drug tested for having a cold. :laughing:
  3. I highly doubt it. Even if you did, there is doctor/patient confidentiality.
  4. I highly doubt it. I've never been drug tested when I went.

    Unless you go to the emergency room. The usually do blood and piss tests there. But maybe not for a cold...

    Don't worry.
  5. thanks, i thought it was a dumb question to and im not going to the emergency room, just wanted to know lol.

  6. I'm pretty sure doctors are SUPPOSE to report illegal things though. Like if they know your using drugs/abusing perscriptions.
  7. Lol, I went to the emergency room a couple times and they didn't drug test me.
    Gave me some meds and sent me home.

    The nurse is gonna ask you some pre-written questions, she's gonna say he'll be right in then you end up waiting for half a damn hour, he's gonna come in (looking rushed and straight faced) and ask you a couple questions, maybe check your throat and temp and prob tell you to go home and take some cold and flu and go to bed.
  8. Even then, you'll just get sent to rehab.
  9. Actually, in most states that would be illegal.

  10. I'm pretty sure (read: 100% sure) you're absolutely wrong :D

    Why are you going to the doctors for a cold? Or even missing school for a cold. Suck it up. It's good for you and your immune system.

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