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Doctor wants me to choose

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by angel813, Oct 11, 2014.

  1. My doctor wants me to choose eother my psych meds (xanax,cymbalta, zyprexa) for my weed. Is there anyone iin northwestern Michigan who has a doctor that will accept this?

  2. There's gotta be! A good doctor will look into it and see that moderate cannabis use can help reduce the need for all those pills, and/but can be quite complementary to them! Good luck finding a doctor who knows how to keep up his or her practice; I think you found one that stopped! ;)
  3. The detox off those benzos is enough to kill some people. I would find another doctor if I was you man. Good luck.

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  4. I'm not in your state, but
    Every doctor that my wife goes to for any reason tells her not to stop smoking mj, we are in a non medical state and they all say that they would prescribe it if they could.
    She has severe mental problems and the docs all know that she smokes.
    I AM NOT A DOCTOR, so please do not attempt what I'm telling you that we did....she was taking handfuls of prescriptions several times a day and if she missed a single dose, she would sometimes have to be hospitalized about one week later. I once had to have her arrested for domestic violence because she refused to go to the hospital.
    She would have to smoke so much mj that we just couldn't afford it anymore. We decided (without Dr approval) to slowly ween her off the meds. I mean SLOWLY!
    It took months to ween her off by slowly reducing her mg of dosage. Now she only smokes a small amount of mj and is back to her healthy beautiful self that I hadn't seen in about 15 years. She has let go of the past that contributed to her condition, and that had a lot to do with regaining her personality.
    Also she had gained close to 80lbs on those meds...she has dropped 65lbs already and that also makes her happy.
    We also have a pact that if her condition starts to resurface she will seek medical attention immediately.
    All of her medical conditions that were caused by the meds have also disappeared.
  5. Congrats FeterNewt to you and your wife! When you're on psych meds for a long time, I think you can forget who you once were.
    Thank you! You are so right, the strange thing is that if you tell the Dr that you feel good on the dosage; they want to tweak them! Usually a higher dosage....more of this, less of that, add another, wth?
    Pill pushers, I tell ya....
  7. Find a naturopathic doctor immediately. Disregard all synthetic pharmaceuticals and research different strains. Best of luck and may God heal you.

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  8. find a differant doctor! and as for every one who says get off the meds, for some people that works. I know for me, I work better on my meds. I just had to find the right doctor. its going to be hard, if you don't live in a MMJ state. 
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    benzos sucks. awful feeling. I had a psychiatrist, he wanted me to go on Adderal, xanax and all this, that and the third. I straight up told him no id rather smoke pot it actually helps......never saw the doctor sense. he didnt want me back. since this happened i feel doctors are kind of upset or jealous in a way that marijuana has way better benefits then them stupid pills they make you feel like shit. doesnt even make you feel good.

    Another thing that blew my mind and i was straight up pissed off and furious. Doctor gave me "seroquel" (who familiar with this little asshole pill?)<---this is like a date rape drug i swear to god. This doctor prescribes me 300mg of this shit and says take it during the day. that shit knocked me out for 16 hours, and im supposed to take this during the day?.....The doctor is like you will get used to like, look dude, i have a job, i have a life. i can be taking date rape drugs for fun like that. This is another prime example why id rather just stick with weed.
  11. I know that my doctor doesn't mind that I have my med card. She personally doesnt care one way or the other. The problem with the doctors is the federal government. They are the ones that dictate what the doctors can do in order to keep their liscences to prescribe controlled substances. I currently take cymbalta. I didnt have to sign a contract to get that med. I would check into your meds and talk to your doctor about them. Be honest with your doctor about your use of marijuanna. And tell them that you don't want to have to choose. I have found over the years, even before I got my card, that honesty is the best policy. And if that doesn't work, then look for a new doctor. Keep in mind it is the federal government that dictates what doctors can or can not do.
  12. My doc is a pain specialist, you must have chronic pain and not looking for someone too use for drugs. I've been with him for over 15 years. He didn't mind me smoking even before I got my card. Grand Rapids area.
  13. I just went through this. I know the clinic I go to has signs up that they can ask for a UA any time they choose if you are on a controlled substance. I take Ambien which I guess is a controlled substance. I recently had back surgery and had to go to the ER because my incision was infected and I told them I used medical marijuana. Then my doctor calls me and tells me to make an appointment and I started freaking out. I was planning to use someone else's urine. But it turned out fine. My doctor apparently doesn't care because I know she got a copy of the ER report. I went in and got a copy of it and it said it right on the document that I use medical marijuana.
    I know other people who go to this  same clinic and got the treatment the OP got. Choose medical marijuana or what I prescribe because I will UA you every month from now on.
    I will keep my big mouth shut from now on when I see any doctors.
  14. Doctors reserve the right to refuse controlled substances if you are already on a controlled substance.
  15. I wonder if your doctor has had a psych eval?  That attitude could easily kill her, as benzo's are so dangerous to get off of, especially after long term use.  I am been forced of over 20 years Klonopin use and 120mg oxyC.  For having my car broken into and meds stolen.
    The ONLY thing keeping me from acting on the "ideas" that pop up from this barbaric medical "treatment" has been medical cannabis oil,
    Angel, don't just cold turkey the psych meds... FesterNewt did it right, gave great advice, and you can beat this....
    Even though this "forcing" patients to sign "contracts" and use the complete hypocrisy of the Federal Governement's point (since they still have (I think 4 people left) on their own medical mj list) for our "safety." The ONLY  way to safely come off benzo's is very gradually. Check out "The Ashton Maual." Dr. Ashton is recognized as the world's leading expert in use and discontinuation of all forms of benzo's.
    Please keep in mind that in the U.S. the medical care, medications and authorizations are discrimintorially based due to financial "class." SSI, SSID, Disability and DSHS patients care, treatment and "non-treatment, are so ludicrous as to amount to torture. Avoid "pain management clinics - especially those with ARNP's" because the numbers are coming in now, and both the "anti-diversion" and "safety" statistics already prove the opposite of the claims. I was/am in the same boat, on 6mg Klonopin over 19 years and cut 33% (to 4mg at once) andam still dealing with prolonged benzo withdrawals...when I was given no choice but mmj OR the treatment that had been working all along, and chose NOT to go through potantially life threatening w/d's (they are now in the process of cutting off disability (medical and financial) in retaliation for trying to stay alive.
    Do your best to consult with a "good" psych, who isn't a knee-jerk Reefer Madness reactionary, and I pray you will find an anwer. My heart is with you.
  16. And unfortunately, due to corporate lobbyist's and the Medical/Insurance?Pharmaceutical Complex, despite ALL evidence to the contrary, cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I Controlled Substance...meaning no known therapeutic value with high addiction and abuse potential. Yeah. And the world is flat.
    Doctors also have the ethical, moral and legal responsibility to "First, do no harm." To deny a medicine that CAN AND HAS killed people from "abrupt discontinuation," can easily be construed to rise to the level of gross negigence, reckless endangerment, and patient abandonment."
    However, on topic is your next step. One good place to find word-of-mouth "good doctors" is in mental health support groups or even AA/NA type places. Just keep in mind when you DO find a "thinking" doctor, make sure to transfer care. You do not want a "doctor shopping" tag placed in your medical file. There ARE still a few doctors out there who care and will work with an honest patient, so seek and find one.

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