Doctor Chronic Comes Through Again!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by dankohzee, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Yippeeee! Man ya'll need to quit screwin around and go with Dr. Chronic. Just got yet another order in the mail today--Strawberry Haze. Just placed it about ten days ago. Waiting on Sweettooth still. It should be here in a day or two. The thing I like about the doc is every time I order, my seeds come in a different size and different color envelope. Sometimes it looks like a business letter, and sometimes personal. Even the crushproof cases are different. This eliminates customs profiling. Thanks a million doc. You've earned a loyal customer!!!:hello:
  2. And again...
    Woo-hhoooo! Barney's Sweet tooth in the mail today. I have now received enough successful orders from the Doc that a seizure or two wouldn't even bother me. But I doubt that will happen for real. Look for my indoor grow journal in February or March: Sweet Tooth and Strawberry Haze. But for now...
  3. im very excited to order from them in the near uture. thanks buddy for the testimonial.
  4. Just ordered from dr chronic Arjan's Haze fem (Greenhouse) and Delahaze fem (Paradise)
    and received them in only 5 days. Very happy with the service. Def will continue to order from them.
  5. So is dr. chronic really the way to go for a firstime seed buyer and grower?
  6. I swear by him. He's the real deal.
  7. Just placed a order for Auto Ak47 x Auto Kush

    im pretty excited, how long should I expect to wait?
  8. You'll have it within 10 days if you placed your order online with a credit card. I think the risk of them getting stopped at customs is overblown. It would be like finding a needle in the biggest damn haystack. Let me know when you get them.
  9. I got my order in exactly 1 week from the time i placed the order. I will say that i'm glad customs didn't open it, because they'd have had NO PROBLEM finding my stuff. It wasn't very "stealth", imo. It got here though, so that's what counts i guess.
  10. Customs doesn't open packages at random. If they open it, they already know there's something in it IMO. They're not stupid--well actually they are, but they have no problem tearing the package completely apart if they believe something is in it. Stealth can only go so far in that respect. There are only so many places to hide inside an envelope;)

  11. I did my first order with Dr. Chronic and my second with Gypsy Nirvana. Both are excellent.
  12. I wish I had the same luck as everyone else! I am 0 for 1 with the Dr. as my 1st shipment got taken by customs.

    I'm trying Hemp Depot again even their prices are higher, they ship from Canada & I'm told there isn't as much risk because they come into the US thru a different entry point then the Dr. from the UK.
  13. The only Canadian bank that I have heard a lot of good things about is High Grade. But if I were you I would try the Doc again. Make two small orders just in case.
  14. i ordered some seeds with my card but i dont know if it went through does he tell you if it went through or do u just gotta wait to see wut happends
  15. The only seed bank that guarantees delivery of your order is Highgrade Seeds ( Plus their prices are far better than all other seed banks and they have a great selection of strains.

    Good luck!
  16. dr.chronic is the man. end of thread.
  17. Yes he is.

    Great service and quick.

  18. Yeah, I agree. 'Nuff said.
  19. I got my AKs through them, good delivery, I liked the DVD box touch, very quick and stealthy delivery. Although wouldn't hurt to drop the delivery charge a bit. Good seed bank nontheless.

  20. So does Dr. mail everyhting on website, or just from his little section?

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