Doc vs. Gypsy head-to-head test

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  1. Hey Texas most other mods here would ban you for your name calling. Lucky for you I saw the replys so I give you a warning. No name calling here and abuse of the rep system will also get you banned. That goes for the other guys too who also called him names.
  2. Ban would've been harsh, i got a lot of friends here...
    Glad to see you're doing your duties, were on OG at one time?
    That name looks strikingly familiar...
  3. Good thread, check it out.
  4. [quote name='Texas Hardhead']

    Another Micheal Phelps pot picture? What seedbank whas that from?

  5. LOL. I knew he looked familiar. :D
    Reminds me of the jokes we made as youngsters about making pot-smoking an Olympic event. :smoking:
    +rep Thanx. I needed a laugh. :wave:
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    Is it wrong to masturbate to pics of pot?

    OMG roflmao - too funny
  7. You chump puss. You think the GOVERNMENT don't track every movement you make online already? my aunt works for the cia, grow up. This shit is real. They can come down on all of us anytime they decide. but they wont, some of us. Hopefully


  8. Um, what does this have to do with the thread topic.... exactly?

    Talk about classy. I guess someone didn't read the posts by the Mod reminding folks that name calling is not tolerated on the boards.

    TheOGC, are you sure you wouldn't feel a bit more at home on the Nickelodeon forums? It's funny that you say your Aunt works for CIA. I guess if her co-workers see your posts here, they'll be aware of her breech of NON-Disclosure agreement, something she would've had to sign to work for an intelligence organization. In case you haven't heard, members of the intelligence community aren't allowed to tell folks what they do. But maybe you're just something all together special, with lips as tight as a drum. Oh wait, you just threw your aunt under the bus by outing her as a spy, maybe you're not the right guy to spill national secrets to. LOL

    What.... you think all the folks growing illegally aren't aware they might get caught? Oh, and correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think the CIA is concerned with busting pot-growers. I'd hope that they're concentrating on far more serious matters. There's only one federal organization spending the time and money to bust pot-heads, and it ain't the CIA. And considering the ineptitude of intelligence gathering, rating and sharing already in place (anyone remember September '01), i hardly think that ordering seeds online tops their priority list. Gimme a break dude.

    Post like man, not a child.
  9. Every time I think this ridiculous thread has died...
  10. Haha, I love this thread. I honestly wish I could read those posts made by whats-his-face.

    But to be on topic - this post single-handedly has helped me decided which seedbanks to order from. I've read a lot of bad things about every seedbank there is out there.

    I'm gonna take your guys' word on this and get me some quality genetics for my next grow :) Gyspy and Doc, here I come!

    I'm also wanting to order something out of highgrade seeds. Anyone here have any experience with them? Some of their strains look orgasmic. And their prices are manageable. I'll probably try and get a pack of beans outta this one too regardless, just to see.

    Oh, and how do you get that 10% and free beans from the doc? I think someone just said by registering @ his forums? =/ Sounds a little.. too easy?
  11. Check and see if Dr Chronic still ships to the US. They may not.
  12. <---they do, or so I'm being led to believe.

    Doc: 1st order, never showed...emailed..."oh, it was returned to us." Never sent me an email to tell me what was up. Kinda pissed but they did send out again, no charge. over 45 days later!!! No freebees, no appology, no nuttin! Descided everyone gets bad press from time to time, but wasn't happy with way it was handled. Tried again, (live in US, by the way), received 6 days, 2nd, 5 days, 3rd, 2 weeks. Just ordered again...25 days later...nothing. No email. PISSED!!! Going to email, if they ever show...I'm going to Herbies pick n mix, F*ck Dr Chronic. I'm without because of their crappy biz ethics. BONE DRY! I won't give them 3rd chance, can't risk missing planting date. Steaming mad! I know it's an old post but I'm spreading the news, don't like being screwed (by incomp companies) that's what my wife is for! Heres listing of emails:

    Order Number: 48207​

    Order Date: 10 July 2010​

    Thanks for Trusting the Chronic (yeah, right!)

    shipping times
    UK 1-3 DAYS
    EUROPE 7-14 DAYS
    REST OF THE WORLD 7-21 DAYS <--- that'd be me

    I emailed week later:
    Sat, July 16, 2010

    Please check your records. We ordered on the 10th and the payment went through my bank (VISA) on the 13th. I have not recieved a dispatch notice for the order. Has it been shipped?
    Thank you.

    From Doc:
    Sat, July 17, 2010 4:54:57 AM
    Re: Order Number: 48207
    Hi, that should be dispatched within the next 3-4 days.
    Soryy for the delay. :(
    Thank you. (no Freebees for delay, not one single seed?!? Discount on future order, nothing! :ey:

    I emailed later:

    Please check your records. We ordered on the 10th and the payment went through my bank (VISA) on the 13th. I have not recieved a dispatch notice for the order. Has it been shipped?
    Thank you.

    Order Number: 48207​

    Order Date: 10 July 2010​

    Doc responded:
    You have incoming :)confused_2: Uh...still waiting!)
    Dr Chronic
    thank you for your business Keep it Chronic (don't count them thar chickens before they hatch, Doc!)

    Today is Aug 3rd. email, no nothing. I will email in few more days, just to give bennefit of doubt, but NO MORE! :mad:

    Herbies, gets here in 1 week!, They're less expensive and you can even buy 1 seed at a time, mix n match!

    What do you have to say for your self Doc!

    Anyone else have these kind of exp w/ Doc? :confused::mad::(

    Anywho...spreading the news, don't want others to have same poor biz practices thrust upon them.

    Also, now they don't accept Credit card orders anymore...possibly can't afford machine, due to loss of biz? Maybe he's spending my money on crack or something? :bongin: <---Doc smoking the Devils D*ck, spending his customers money, or maybe just a junkie...who knows.
    If you wanna buy from them...use caution!Already found much more reliable sources, faster shipping, lower prices, a phone number to reach the other companies, etc...legit!
    My exp, ur choice. Good luck and keep the gene pools flowing.
    Pea's out!

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    Doc vs. Gypsy

    - reads emails & tends to answer them
    - "you have incoming" emails are a nice treat
    - when you get freebies, they're really good & viable
    - generally ships by 7 days or less, 10 tops
    - got up to 5-6 orders quickly, but never received my last one for over $100 & got nothing as a consolation despite being a repeat customer & paying up to $20 extra for nirvana strains there as i always liked doc's attention to detail in customer service best. after getting nothing for my $100 though, i'll shop elsewhere now eg. gypsy, hemp depot & i'll give attitude a try

    - ignores email questions
    - for a year or two quit taking CC orders (THAT annoyed me, but they're taking them again)
    - has the best prices
    - generally ships in 7 days or less
    - always gives freebies, but sometimes they suck eg. TWO orders getting 0% viable durban poison X skunks
    - received 4 or 5 orders with no problems. the $100+ order for kali mist i placed through the mail was the most stressful ever as it took 17 days i think, but i did get it along with 7 lowdown mystery freebies. i got 5 dinafem shark attack freebies worth almost as much as my 2X nirvana order last time.

    neither site caters to sativa lovers very well. you can't get super silver haze, C99, apollo 11, burmese or any of reeferman's strains at either. both have very similar stocks

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