Doc vs. Gypsy head-to-head test

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  1. Yes they may take our money and send us seeds, but it doesn't mean they like us. I've heard this across many boards and many places. As far as I know, it's all just rumors, but somehow it wouldn't suprise me if it's true.
  2. stupid rumor most likely. Any businessman who openly hates on anyone isn't a very savvy business person.

    I've used the Doc for a long time and never lost an order--ever. Finally tried Gypsy after thinking about it for years. He was quick, sold me my GHS Widow in the breeder pack for 50% off, had excellent communication, and his stealthiness was tops--much better, in fact, than the Doc.
  3. Will vouch for Gypsy. Got my order in 7 days(US--west coast). Freebies included!
    Stealth and stealth and super stealth!
    And the prices are the best I have found.
  4. Reps for effort on the "unscientific experiment". Good to hear success stories from different suppliers.
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    gypsy been sellin' seeds for over 10 years, who do you trust? No offense to europeans but dr chronic is the reason I tend to use the title "euro trash"

    im xanax'd out, peace
  6. The best kind of research is experiential research, of which i've done plenty. And I can say from extensive experience that the doc is not "trash." In my experience he has been 100% reliable. Based on only one order I can agree that Gypsy is also reliable and his stealth is tops--but that's based on only one order.
  7. Mine is based on over 35 orders from gypsy.
    If a thread like this was made on ICMag it would be quite interesting
  8. A head to head comparison of two of the most reputable companies is sort of ridiculous if you ask me. So what if one is a few days faster--as loneg as they get there.

    BTW, my experience with the doc is fairly extensive and i've not lost an order yet.
  9. Doc is a fad.....
    I hate ordering from brits unless it's a seedboutique in the UK..
    online alien grow shop is 100% better than the doc, hempdepot 100% better than the dock.... no comparison, doc is mediocre, carrys mediocre genetics, always sold out because no one likes him.... no rare genetics, give me a break, if you're a noob you might try dr chronic, you might get the order seized but go ahread try it.
    im done debating here on GC. this forum is more for shits and giggles.
  10. Hahahaa! You gave me negative rep because I've had good luck with the Doc? I think you better read the rules. Anyway, I think people who use neg rep are like people who call the cops on growers. Plus rep for you. I don't play the neg rep game. Grow up my friend.
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    Hardhead you havent made 35 orders with Gypsy, you made your first order just recently(not sure I even believe that now). If you made 35 orders you would of known where it came from and what the package looked like, he hasnt changed his stealth in over 4 years. You wouldnt of had to pm asking me what to expect in the mail if you have made 35 orders.

    Second, when you steal people's photos from ICMag you should ask for permission and tell the people here at GC you didnt actually grow it. I seen that thread the other day, I know who grew that shit, it wasnt you.

    Third, Dankohzee is a member at ICMag too, and I think anyone who is a member of ICMag would know that a thread like this wouldnt make it 5 minutes over there, it would be closed and binned and the OP would probably get banned. That's just the way they do things.

    So basically you are a blowhard that just bought his first pack of beans(maybe) and ready to downright lie, for what? Gypsy isnt paying you to say this dumb shit.

    Doc Chronic is basically the same business as Gypsy, go with whoever you trust with your money. I trust Gypsy, some other people might trust Doc. Thats fine, stop bashing companies if you have no experience with them.

    I get so sick of the Attitude and HGS fan boys on here. Dont become the Gypsy fanboy please Hardhead. Stop the lies too and posting pics that are not yours.

    ship me the bad rep.

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    Now that I have revealed he is full of shit and a boldfaced liar, he has sent me bad rep saying THCFarmer is the best apparently now:p

    Go buy your Texas schwag for $30, send them Cocoa Kush beans to me, I'll grow them out and do them justice. Its pretty apparent you dont got the brainpower to grow this "weed" properly fanboy.

    I would of kept my trap shut man, if you just remained civil about your lies. :D

  13. LOL! That's funny because I could have sworn he was asking questions about ordering seed a month or so ago. 35 seed orders means a shit load of growing--way out of my league! About 4 orders a year is what I average.
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    Well said + rep to you sir......No reseason to bash anyone unless you have personally had the worst purchasing( first hand) for tooting a horn on the same i say do it if it makes you feel better regaurdless if they are paying you or not but be truthful one way or the other.....lies gain nothing either way.......:smoke: Peace all!!!!

  15. Hell I think it was this week he was asking, the thread is probably on the next page.

    Im about the same as you, 4-5 orders a year and its too much, I got packs of seeds Ive had for a year and havent popped one bean yet(Mandala Kalichakra, Fed Romulan). Gonna have to throw them outside next year. I want it all but dont have the space, time, lightpower to grow them all. Sort of like getting that second helping of food when you know you are full, hehe. I got a habit. A seed habit. :p

  16. Yeah same here. If I wasn't so indecisive, 2 orders would do it. I order packs and then change my mind before spring.
  17. I ordered seeds from Dr Chronic, I sent the money order express, cost me 30 dollars but i could track my money. The money got their in 5 days and i got my White Widow seeds 6 days after that. Doctor Chronic is the SHIT!!
  18. Ask LegitBaller if i've ever grown.... you know what this is an olie but it'll do.



    drying crap aroun the house [​IMG]

    Small leftovers..... You need to get off my dick for real bro.
    No more comments about me.

  19. Hahaha! Those pics prove 2 things:

    1) your age is consistent with your juvenile behavior. So I guess when I told you to grow up I was wasting my breath--you already act your age!

    2) You at least know someone who grew a plant. Wow! You're a made man homie!
  20. this thread is awesome :)

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