Doc vs. Gypsy head-to-head test

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  1. it could be that your local post office has a sticky fingered employee. that's why i only order beans by CC as two out of two money orders i sent to a record store for an import disappeared.

    either that, or someone in your neighborhood is snatching your packages. your luck with gypsy sucks. i got BOTH of my orders from there just fine.

    if you've ever seen hidden camera shows, they did one in a post office around the holidays and TWO employees were opening letter after letter and grabbing all of the cash inside.

    i know one time i was riding a bus and this really sketchy character was trying his HARDEST to get me to open a post box and using it for storing money. finally, after he wouldn't give up i told him to shut the fuck up and bother someone else.

    the ONLY reason someone would be THAT concerned is if they have something to gain from it and that cemented my distrust of postal workers for good. it's too bad you can't get a different mailing address away from your local post office and home address. i'd bet a nickel that's where your problem is.

    hopefully you don't go around bragging to everyone that you're buying beans. that would be a really bad idea and an invitation to trouble from wannabe friends too.

    here's an idea... try buying a cheap small item from overseas (preferably from the UK or netherlands) at an ebay store and see if that disappears too. you'll end up paying $4 or so in shipping, but it's a good way to test your mail safety.

    do you live in a city? do you have a secure mailbox? i once lived in a building where a bunch of mailboxes were destroyed from people jamming them open and i'd seen boxes sitting wide open many times. if you have one of those little open mailbox especially, it could be that someone walks by daily on their way to school or something snatching every package they see.

    you're the first person i've ever heard getting TWO packages snagged
  2. hey guys thanks for the info. They were both sent to a PO Box. And I wouldnt dream of telling anybody about my order. Maybe I was getting paid back for something I did wrong along time ago or something. You know that Karma thing will always get you in the end. Maybe I will try and place a smaller order from them and see if anything goes wrong. I know I am about to order from Dr. Chronic though. Maybe I will do what this guy did and place the order at the same time and see what happens. Thanks again for the sympathy, Later.:smoking:
  3. here's to hoping you get your beans this time.
  4. ive looked and looked and maybe im just lookin the wrong place butttt
    i was wondering if anyone could tell me what is prolly the best place
    to buy seeds from that will ship to the U.S and A
  5. Hemcy, Dr. Chronic, seedsdirect, and I guess Gypsy Nirvana.
  6. Dr chronic is the dog danglies :D replaced my order stolen by thieving postmen kudos to that fella:)
  8. i just ordered my 4th time from doc. he's always done right by me and i got both of my seedsboutique (gypsy) orders hassle free too. those two are the most popular and have great prices and if you read a few pages deep here, you'll see alot of praise for them in general.

    at the moment, i'm sweating my new order with kindseed because doc and gypsy don't carry burmese sadly and that's a strain i really want to hook up with C99.
  9. How in da hell do you get a p.o. box with a fake name in this day and age what with the patriot act and all that shit?
  10. my favorite is doc for going the extra mile with small details, but gypsy sent me what i paid for in a timely manner too and while i'm here, i just got my VISC burmese beans from today too. they took a couple days longer 9 ot 10 i think, but otherwise, my beans arrived carefully packaged and undamaged.

    so far, i haven't had any real problems with ANY bank i've bought from, but i was dissapointed that my first batch of SADP skunk freebies from gypsy didn't pop and that i got the same thing with my second order of $100 kali mist, but as freebies, i didn't exactly lose anything either so it wasn't a big deal.
  11. Hey dudes, I have been looking at and I got to tell ya they have my attention. I have been looking at thier super strains and they look mighty fine. Can you guys check out thier website and tell me what you think about thier super strains? Looking to maybe purchase some of thier super strains ( black pearl and brainwreck and superbud and avalanch). They also sell some of the other killer strains like AK47, White Russian, White Widow, Blueberry, ect. but you get the point. Just check it out and tell me what you think pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
  12. Man, I want to order some seeds but I think it's shady. I'm thinkin about it though. I want to grow some Purp in a little hydro tent.:smoke:
  13. Very nice post i especially like how you left out shipping details wish more would learn from your example....+ rep nicely done
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    Agreed. How the fuck did you find this thread from april 2006? You really do your research with the search engine here another thing more should learn from. rep
  15. gypsy nirvana openly hates on americans dont order from them

  16. Say what?:confused:

    Never heard of such a thing. Always treated me good.

  17. Where did you come up with that idea?? If this is true ....still doesnt change the fact he has good service.

  18. Not true. I have been ordering from both these places for over 5 years now and they are both great.
  19. whos the best for bud
  20. They are a business...they need money. Why would they discriminate against America lol. They would lose half their business if not more. Any one else as confused as I am:confused:

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