Doc vs. Gypsy head-to-head test

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  1. Doc gets my vote I have orded twice from Doc and got both my orders within 2 weeks I never did get my order from Gyspy. I emailed them and complained and they said if I ordered again they would add something extra. Forget that I just ordered From Doc again and got my order in less than 2 weeks.

    Thanks Dale:devious:
  2. I wish I would have read these threads before I went to Amsterdam marijuana seeds..It took a month and a few seeds were smashed.
  3. This thread is kinda old, but this is the first time I have read it. Nice post toastybiz. +rep Im still debating on the safety of ordering. I dont really have an alternate address to use. I was thinking about getting a po box, but how much would that help really? Im leaning towards Gypsy mostly for the freebies and cheaper prices if I ever order. peace...:smoking:
  4. im australia and i got seeds from gypsy on more than one occasion and they turned up every time some quiker than others but all in all i think its great service and a freebie bag with every order makes it even better although i got some k2 from there and they were fucked not one servived the 4th week but the northern lights im growing now are going good realy good infact

  5. How did you get a PO Box with a fake name? They ask for 2 forms of ID, form 1483 USPS????

    Or do you mean, you just give the seed co. a fake name to ship too...
  6. I gave the seed co a "fake" name that was a mangled spelling of my real name. Glad I did that too because one of my orders was addressed to the wrong po box. Based on the name they were able to figure out the shipment was for my box, otherwise Granny a few boxes down might have gotten my beans!

    The reason for getting a "safe" address and/or using a fake name is to throw another roadblock up in case there ever is an LEO trace or investigation. I don't know if it would amount to much but you never know what will cause a judge to deny a search warrant. The main idea is not to have the beans delivered to your grow location because that is a direct link, instead make any necessary links indirect.
  7. I'm starting to get pissed. I send my payment to Gypsy's on 9/26, early in the morning. I called USPS on 9/29 and was told that it was in customs going into the UK. It's been a week and a half since then and they're still saying they're "Awaiting Payment". WTF???:mad:
  8. Ok...finally got an email today saying they were packing my order.:yay: I hope it doesn't take another two weeks to get to me. I also hope it glides through customs like hot, teflon razorblades on ice.:smoking:
  9. An update, m'kay?

    Got an email on Oct 11th stating that my order had been shipped in full. Been checking the mail for the past three mornings when I got home from work and nada. Decided to do a double check today, because my postwoman comes in the early afternoon, and I was running a little early for work so I had the time. There was a package from Epsom Surrey in my box. :yay: So, once they got my payment it only took them one day to fill and ship it and I got it 7 days later.

    I have everything that I ordered, with nothing missing or exchanged. Top44, Big Bud, Misty, Papaya and Master Kush, plus I got 15 Skunk #1 beans gratis. *doing the Snoopy Dance* Every bean has been counted and there are no shortages in any of the packages, and none appear to be damaged. There was no way they could possibly have been crushed in transit the way they were packaged for shipping.

    Seed Boutique is definitely on my thumbs up list. I'll have to try the Doc some time.
  10. for gypsy:
    their prices are a couple dollars cheaper

    for the doc:
    their freebies germinated
    their website didn't lose it's checkout before i could place a second order
    last place to get great spice brothers' strains at a reasonable price (eg C99)

    both sites shipped within about a week, but doc's freebies hatched unlike my gypsy SADP X skunk #1 frebies, and they were still accessible when i wanted to reorder. they get get the edge for reliability twice over.
  12. Sorry for the super-late reply, just saw this...

    Yes, USA. East of the Mississippi.
  13. cool. im ordering some lowrider #2 from dr. chronic. seeds are mad expensive but i have kids and live in a housing development so this strain is good.I just hope the high is as good as they say it is. lets hope they make it to NE USA. peace, e :smoking:
  14. sorry, but lowryder sucks! it's based on practically 0% THC ruderallis just so the breeder could get an autoflowering plant, not because of the high.

    if you're considering it just for odor stealth, there are several potent low odor strains from indica dominant northern lights #5 to trippy & speedy cinderella 99 with apollo 11 somewhere in the middle.

    try reading grow and smoke reports for it. it's very low rated
  15. Great thread my brother Toasty. I have ordered from both these guys for 3 or 4 years now and have received with excellent, reliable service. Only thing was, last time I ordered from Gypsy I think it was, it took almost a month to get delivered to my P.O. Box. Oh and the guy who sold me my P.O. Box said that if one letter was wrong in the spelling of my name, he would not deliver the package. Maybe he knows our name games? Who knows...
  16. hempdepot is quick too, under two weeks, from canada
  17. Did you order in the US? Because I live in the US and really want to buy some nice seeds like NL or AK47, there is absolutely no homegrown buds where I live, its all schwag. Im kind of paranoid to order in the US.

    Edit: nevermind, I saw you said they came to the US

    So, what happens if I get caught ordering? Do they just get confiscated and nothing happens to me?
  18. No one can predict what would happen to you, I can only report what I know about what has happened to others.

    To my knowledge there has only been one bust in the USA of someone because of having seeds shipped in. And that was a very large shipment and under some special circumstances. Other than that one case, all I have ever heard of, and several folks have reported it, is that Customs will open the package, remove the beans, put a letter inside saying that they confiscated illegal contraband, re-seal it, and send it on to the addressee. So nothing has happened to these folks other than they lost their money, and in some cases they talked to the seedbanks and got a partial credit or re-shipment. never know if Customs has decided to crack down or make an example of someone, so you always take a bit of a chance. On the other hand, if you don't create a paper trail when you purchase the seeds (in other words, if you don't use a credit card), then you can deny everything and say that someone must have had them sent to you to try to get you in trouble.
  19. Maybe it's just where I live or something but I have ordered from gypsy nirvana 2 times and both times I have been burned with no simpathy from them whatsoever. Both times they sent me responces about receiving my order and my money but both times nothing has arrived. I do everything that you guys do ( safe name and safe address) but still nothing. Just my oppinion but I can tell you I will NEVER try gypsy nirvana again, lost over $400 dollars total sending to them. I just cant afford it. But I am about to send in an order to Dr. Chronic and will tell you guys what happens. Congrats to everyone who received there order from gypsy nirvana, atleast some people have good luck with them. Also how do you get 10% off and some freebies from Dr. chronics.:wave:
  20. NYSD, we all feel your pain from not getting seeds. Might I suggest you spend a bit less...say what you would normally drop on a 1/4 of dank? That way if something goes wrong you won't be out so much cash.

    I can vouch for the Dr. taking care of small orders as mine was only about 60 bucks, came to FLA no prob.

    HTH, OGH

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