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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by GETDIESEL, May 9, 2011.

  1. Got my order yesterday, cheers quickly went to jeers as I opened my package to this...



    looks like they stacked this one on top a molino i bought which is also damaged. :(
  2. bummer man
  3. That sucks dude, did you talk to support at all?

    "If you ordered a pipe with us and it broke, or arrived broken, contact us at:"

  4. yeah i wrote them yesterday haven't gotten a response yet.
  5. id be super pissed!
  6. show us a pick of the other piece you ordered
  7. Yes what Red said.

    That is bullshit man... hearing lotsa gay shit about the shop but that's the first totally DOA piece I've seen.

    And not to be an ass but wow.... look at how thin that glass is on the inline. Eeek @ that
  8. ^^^yep its pretty thin but for $55 had it come in one piece I'd been a happy camper.

    the molino isn't nearly as bad (however it is just as annoying to look at) it has a hairline crack up the side that probably happened during transit from having the nautilus stacked on top of it. I bought the 5mm curious if this would have happened to the 7?

    I got a response today from support asking for more pictures. I obliged.
  9. i'm picking up the lean back one with some other things too....hope this doesn't happen
  10. thats why i dont order cheap china glass products like that cuz a little shakin of that box and the glass broke. Sorry to see it happened to you.

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