Do your parents know you drink/smoke/nod????

Discussion in 'General' started by Sky Lucas, May 22, 2010.

  1. seriously my parents are pretty tight arses.........left a beer in my room the other day, and my mom hit me with "you do know your not 21 yet"

    not a E pill, a dub sack, or oc80's............a DAM HEINEKEN

    I almost felt like loling
  2. My parents let me drink but they hate that i smoke weed cause its illegal btw im in my teens.
  3. My parents know I drink and smoke. They are not for the smoking, but they repect my desicions. I am of legal age.
  4. i dnt live with my parents lool
  5. Yes. My mom knows I smoke and grow. I do not drink. Ever.
  6. I was listening to some Phish the other day and started nodding my head, my mom happened to see me - long story short now I'm kicked out of the house.

    Never let your parent's catch you nodding.
  7. they were actually pretty cool about it. (the drinking and smoking. nodding, we'll never know)
  8. fear the ban stick!!!!


    surprised nobody's has made a "your underage, come back when ur 18" type comment

  9. eightteen

  10. That's dat fool for ya.
  11. Wtf is nod?
  12. My mama don't give a fact, we toke together...

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