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Do your parents know or mind if you toke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThaMuffinMan, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Does anyone else here have this kind of scenario? I think its kind of a joke..

    I'm 18 and a senior in high school, living with mom(49), step dad(43), and half brother(2). My brother and I toke and my parents have known about it for about 4 years for him and around a year and a half for me. Step dad is an ex-cop and former college football player, Mom is an aadministrator for a local school district. Anyways, I was wondering how many people out there have parents that know they toke, and don't mind that much. My parents are your typical southern white conservative parents, except they allow us to smoke bombassdankass outside, or in the garage no questions asked, only rule is, when not smoking, they dont want the weed or pipes in the house. (Dont like the smell) They dont smoke themselves, and are not stupid by any means, they are just chill with dank I guess.
  2. my parents flipped when i got caught. sucks. i just smoke outside at night when everyones asleep though. im 20, 2nd year college student, live at home.

    EDIT: Sucks now that its getting cold out. i just chief my 1 hitter fast though, then re pack it inside and chief fast again.
  3. My mom and stepdad get really pissed off about it, but they've caught me so many times that they've kind of just given up on it. I'm sure they suspect me still, but I'm in fucking weed ninja mode when I'm at their place so they can't bust me. My dad just straight up doesn't care. He smoked a ton of bud back when he was younger. He's a really liberal, easy-going parent.
  4. I toke and my mother toke but my step dad(Mosle be my dad been around since I was 5) is from a different world. He hates it and knows I smoke 24/7. Every single night going out for munchies is annoying with his little grunts and whispers but he does not have the balls to actually insult me to my face. My mum has him whipped hardcore so yea. He knows if we ever threw down whose side she would take and he knows I know hehe
  5. i just got caught today, its bloody crazy, i sneak out in the middle of the night and do a joint, then brush my teeth, wash fash with moisturisor, then heaps of deodarent and new cloths, and i get caught by leaving ashes out on the veranda. Dad was kinda kool with it cause he use to do it in highschool but i feel so bad still, so god damn akward :(
  6. I'm old and married so my parents can't say anything regardless but I'm the only person in my family who smokes. I havent talked to my mom in 2 or 3 years so that doesnt matter anyway but I lived with her when I was in 8th grade and she didn't care that I smoked & actually stole my shit once. My dad lives in another state and never gets on me about decisions because I'm too old for him to hah. My family knows and my dad's only concern is the legal aspect of it (I don't live in a medical state) and only because he worries a lot and doesn't want my nursing career to be jeopardized in anyway (ever getting a criminal record).

    However if it ever was legalized I know he would smoke with me when I visited or if he visited me haha.
  7. My dad freaked fuck the first time caught me, reasonably since he found that his car to smell strongly the day after I had used it. I thought the black and mild had me covered, but no hiding it from a true seasoned toker. He was mad that I had been driving high and he mentioned that the smell in the car could get him busted. I had started smoking about a year earlier and I have always known my dad smokes( he thinks he hides it but he's clueless on stealth) but unfortunately At the time I was having a few issues getting along with him so I felt pretty guilty.

    A week later my friend and I are sneaking out back to try our first blunt, and on the way we catch him with his protopype but he pretends we didn't notice him. I decided to go back and invite him in on our sesh, and we have been toking together ever since, and our conversations over the herb have improved our relationship incredibly.

    his response to our first blunt: Ohh these are what black people smoke...I smoked a blunt with some guys in the bahamas but they wrapped them in brown paper bag paper...I would never roll good krippy in this! lol.
  8. I've been toking with my parents for the past three years (started at 17, I'm 20 now)
    They've both been toking since high school (dad's 51, mom's 45).
  9. Weird question for those of you who smoke with one or both parents - do all of you have pretty good relationships with your parents? (besides the typical generation gap aspect)
  10. There smart parents. My parents never agreed with me smoking but let me smoke at home do I wasn't out getting arrested or doing stupid things
  11. [quote name='"Bitter Verses"']Weird question for those of you who smoke with one or both parents - do all of you have pretty good relationships with your parents? (besides the typical generation gap aspect)[/quote]

    Yep. Much better than before I started toking, actually.
  12. My dad has no clue and is someone who, because I'm his son, it COULD go bad so I keep it away (20, don't live with him, aw well). My mom and step dad don't burn but every once in a while with their friends but they know I do lol. They don't trip as long as there isn't something to trip about...I keep it my business.
  13. My parents complained when they found my bong, then i educated them both each by their own pace, showed them videos etc and showed them how tobacco is 50x worse and alcohol is alot worse than weed.
  14. My mom doesn't care. Couldn't give a shit less what my dad thinks
  15. She thinks we do but I truly hate her and just need a place to live so I pretend to like her.
  16. I'm a 20 year old student living out of home, and step dad and mum both know... actually my mum taught me how to roll, still joins me for a toke now and then. Step-dad's a bit more conservative but bottom line I can smoke all I want in my own room if I choose... :)
  17. my parents toke up with me.
  18. I'm 20, live at home, commute to college and have a job, my folks don't mind in the slightest that I smoke. They used to smoke all through high school and college and don't consider it a "drug", hence why they are okay with me smoking. The only rule is, if I get caught by the police or busted anywhere, I'm SOL. I consider it a fair compromise.
  19. My parents always kinda suspected
    But the day they found my collection of wraps and paraphenlia hidden in my travel bag they flipped their lid and wouldn't let me out of the house for quite sometime.

    Fast forward to the present they have caught me so many times now they still bitch about it but just say not to bring in in their house to of which I oblige.
  20. #20 Franktg, Nov 17, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 17, 2011
    24 and living back at home.

    My mum has told me a few times that my room stinks of "dope" I don't smoke it in the house (I do vape though), both times are the smell from grinder.

    I also dropped a bag in the bathroom which my step dad found which she gave back to me. I don't think she really like me smoking it but I've just started my own business and I've been working my arse off for the last 12 months with it so I think she just allows it.

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