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do your parents give you money for weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lady garbage, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. for those of you who live with/off your parents, do they know you smoke? if so, are they ok with it or disapprove? do some of your parents even give you the money for it?

    my mom isn't exactly "ok" with me smoking but she knows I do it. I don't have a job yet so she leaves me 10-20 bucks sometimes. and she let me use her card to order my bong. I didn't just take the card though obviously I asked her and of course she asked what I wanted to order. I have her debit card number so I could order things whenever but only if its cheap and after she's been paid lol

    tl;dr how would you parent if you still live with them react if you asked them for money to buy a bong?
  2. I asked to use their credit card to order a MFLB. They didn't want me to, even if I was paying them all the cash it costs. I had to use a money order.
  3. With a slap in the face and a "get out of my house".
  4. This might not be the best place to go rambling about moral and such but I think you should keep yourself from toking 24/7 when you can't even provide for yourself. It's an expensive habit :p


    I don't live with my parents anymore, they know I smoke and they would lend me money if I asked, but I stand by my previous statement^^.
  5. I dunno...something about getting money from your parents for weed seems just...distasteful.
    Nope, never even tried.

  6. yeah I know what you mean, but I definitely don't smoke 24/7 or anything. my mom only gives me money for it every once in a while (10 or 20 dollars and the weed lasts a few days) so other than that I don't smoke unless somebody offers it to me:p

    I have both my mom and the fact that I'm on probation to make sure I don't smoke too often. usually I complain about being on probation but it does keep me from having an every day habit which is something I really don't wanna have.
  7. Its your decision is to continue buying weed dude. If you don't want to smoke everyday, then don't.

  8. i do tasks around the house for money from them that goes to weed :p But lately i just be collecting recycles for my herb money and i clean up my neighborhood :D
  9. I have a question for the OP.

    Do you share with her?

    As far as getting money from my folks for marijuana, I worked after school, weekends and during the summer for money to buy what I wanted.

    Also at the time I was going to school, graduated high school in `62, if my folks found out I was smoking marijuana they would have killed me or turned me in to the police.

  10. nah I never shared with her. she does smoke (only on occasion though) but never with me. I lit up a half finished joint around her on the day we were moving and I figured if she wanted some she'd ask lol but she was just like "wtf". then again, she was going to be driving back and forth a bit that day and she has a seriously low tolerance so I'm glad she didn't.

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