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Do your lungs ever hurt after a while of smoking weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Billy Mays, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. I've been smoking pretty heavily since i've gotten a new connect, staying blazed about 3-4 days a week and using the other 3 to make sure I'm doing good in school and stuff.

    I'll smoke maybe a bowl a day of some pretty dank and sometimes some j's in there, and sometimes I get a tightness at the top of my lungs. Its only been happening the past few weeks but I guess its a sign I should cut back or hurry up and get the vape/do edibles.

    Tell me about your lungs.
  2. My lungs are fine. Maybe you should work out or cut back or switch up how you smoke.

    Nothing like a good bong rip for the lungs. That's how they know you mean business :bongin:
  3. My lungs are fine. I don't smoke a whole lot though, so I don't know.
  4. My lungs hurt occasionally after smoking, but only for a minute or so. If it keeps hurting more than a few minutes you should really stop to let your cilia take a break, but i doubt you are doing any long term damage...
  5. I go right from those super extreme cough fit hits to lighting up a cigarette. Surprisingly though my lungs only hurt right after smoking a ton of weed. Then even that is gone in 5-10 minutes.
  6. Been smokin everyday 3x daily for roun' 3yr. My lungs feel like that after a fat ass rip off the vape, but nothing else really gets me anymore.
  7. I have only felt discomfort in my lungs once after smoking. I rolled a blunt and after smoking it my lungs were super tight and it felt like my lungs were constricted. After the blunt i inspected the weed and found mold on it. So, mold may be your problem?

    BTW i just gave the moldy bud back to the person I got it from and got a full refund.
  8. I'm talking about lungs hurt like a day or two after blazing? I'm starting to cough more in general not blazing and feel this tightness, so I'm guessing its time to ease off.
  9. My lungs never hurt it's my throat that always hurts after some extreme blazing
  10. Maybe your lungs are sensitive. I smoke everyday and my lungs never hurt. Do you lungs hurt after smoking bongs aswell?
  11. Yah, sometimes I take some giant bong hits, so I'm thinking that might be responsible as well. Either way I'm going to edibles if this doesn't stop. Actually if this doesn't stop I'm going to the doctor, I smoke for my anxiety problems, I don't need to have anxiety about messing up my lungs haha.
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  12. I'd take a break for a week or two. Keep some cough drops on you during too till it settles down.
  13. funny you should make this thread because my lungs are JUST starting to feel better after smoking too much on friday. yesterday it was kinda hard to take deep breathes
  14. i think i've had the feeling you're talking about. it's sometimes just your airways constricting...doesn't mean like cancer or black lung or anything. happens to me when i rip a few bowls in a day. i solved the problem by getting an inhaler from my doctor. two puffs of that bad boy when they hurt and it usually opens your lungs up for better breathing.

    note: i am also allergic to mold and pot is a plant so that is mainly the reason my lungs get constricted. you might want to look into vaping or just taking a little break until your lungs feel better. i took a 4 month break and i felt awesome..coming back from the break and smoking the first time was glorious.
  15. When I toke alot at once, and I'm hitting the bowl/bong/J hard, eventually i feel like im sucking in candy or something sweet; its weird, yet very tasty ad amusing.
  16. yeah sometimes they feel a little heavy or whatever while I am high. I smoke cigs too, so that could have something to do with.
  17. Yeah man, I totally agree with that guy that said it might be moldy bud. Two nights ago I burned just 2-3 bowls of this next bud that my buddy owed me. I noticed beforehand that there was a bit of white fuzz on the stems but usually such small amount of mold doesn't really worry me but the bud was pretty wet too. Anyways, so as soon as finished the third hit i couldn't even breath anymore my lungs hurt so much every time I inhaled(Top of my lungs/ Deep throat area) Even now two days later it still hurts and I cant even burn, every hit i take i get that dirty feeling where i cant breath because it hurts too much to inhale.

    Hopefully you dont have the same shit as me though, like im hoping its just either me smoking the mold and il recover or it was just maybe i took one tobacco popper which wouldnt leave my lungs damaged for 2 days..would it?

    Personally im probably going to cut back for the next few days, the highs not even enjoyable because all im concentrating on is getting my breathing back to normal...it goes back to haft/normal after 20 minutes after my last hit but i still get a pain when i take a slightly deeper breath than normal.
  18. Yeah i just started getting the same thing... it must be mold cause im also alergic to it... the pain is slowly goign away but ive had it for three days now..
  19. Hey man if you see this i have a question about that. my lungs have been hurting pretty bad and until you said that i never thought about this but, im allergic to penicillin which contains mold so theres a possibility im allergic to mold. so are you sure that could be a valid assumption? :confused:

    get hiiigh
  20. Yeah i've had it. I run track, and i realized that it is alot harder to breath when running if i smoke the night before or whatever. I'm trying to get clean for job searching in a month, and my lungs honestly do feel alot better, since i havent smoked in almost a week.

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