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Do your eyes get red with edibles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tubro, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Do your eyes get red with edibles, like they do when you smoke?

    Sorry if my question seems dumb, but hey this is apprentice tokers after all...:rolleyes:
  2. Yes they do, in fact they will get very red. Smoke doesn't cause redyes. Good question though.
  3. mine didnt, mine usually dont though, it depends on the person i guess, they might get red if you use edibles,
  4. Good question, and yes they do.
  5. Yeah you'll get red eyes and your eyes will feel heavy just like when you smoke. That's THC for you.
  6. Yes, its not smoking that causes red eyes, edibles will as well.

    I suggest getting some eye drops.
  7. yes they tend to get more then than just for smoking i dont get red eyes at all when high just a little glazzed and when i eat edibles i they get blood shot like a motha
  8. When I had edibles I felt fairly similar to when I smoke, My eyes were more *****ed and red when I have edibles, and I stay higher way longer with edibles.
  9. YEAH they DO. LOL mine get sooooo freakin red and soooo freakin heavy. omgsh it cracks me up when I look in the mirror! Ill look in the mirror and say "Oh my gosh!" out loud, look away for a second and then look back at the mirror and say "oh my goodness!" and laugh at how red and glazed they look. I can do this for minutes and still be surprised how blazing RED they are.
  10. My eyes get way more fucked-up looking when I eat edibles. Between the bloodshot eyes, the dilated pupils and the overall glazed, dumb look I get in my eyes... oh yes.
  11. ok so how ever u get weed in your body,your eyes still get red? cuz i read a recipe for some thc tea and i really wanna try it..
  12. ...yes....

    No matter what. They get red.
  13. Huh I was thinking of that earlier today. Man that was a killer question and thanks for the straight answers.
  14. yeah, both smoking and baking make my eyes go red. Using a vaporgenie doesn't though ;)
  15. What's yo deal, son?

    My eyes were RED when I had firecrackers. Not kind of red, RED.


    Like that, but not angry, more like


    But without a doob.
  16. My eyes are actually worse when I consume edibles haha

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