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Do your eyes get red from smoking weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by royce4weed2012, May 9, 2011.

  1. Ok i know that one of the most popular fact about marijuana is that your eyes get red.... yea not for me. I check my eyes after every time i smoke weed and every time... there not red!! The same thing is true for my friends!! they told me the exact same thing! They do get a little squinty but thats it! Is the redness of eyes after smoking marijuana a myth?? Because i know for sure that me and my friends that i asked said that there eyes dont get red
  2. Mine get really red after a hotbox.
  3. its not a myth, just a common occurrence
  4. My eyes get so fucking red. So do my friends' eyes. Some strains my eyes get redder than other and some they don't get red at all. But most of the time it looks like I'm fucking possessed or something. Sucks too cause i freak out when i try to put eye drops in, i always miss and waste like half a bottle of visine trying to get it in my eyes.
    Anyways, no its not a myth. It opens up your arteries allowing more blood flow which makes it look redder.
  5. After a hotbox, gasmask, 5 blunts, or a couple bong rips, yeah my eyes get red.
  6. One joint and my eyes are red, one bong hit and they are bloody red.

    Visine should be cutting us checks for all the weed we smoke.
  7. Eyes get right red almost every time, i just say my contacts are irrating my eyes. Works every time :smoke:
  8. Obviously you're just not smoking enough, man. Also, I've noticed that different weed makes my eyes different levels of red. For instance, my eyes usually only get a little red, but then I smoked some of my aunt's weed, and I seriously thought something was wrong with my eyes lol
  9. No matter how much I smoke my eyes go zombie. I think its hilarious.
  10. If i smoke 20 bowls they'll definately be red.

    But not when i smoke a normal amount say 5-7 bowls.
  11. i used to never get red eyes , but now i get them just from one hit off of anything .
  12. I find that my eyes get red depending on how much I smoke. If I only do like one or two, I'll be fine. As soon as I start smoking 4-5 bowls, that's when I'll be bloodshot as hell. Hm, now that I think about it, my eyes do get red if I'm hotboxing my car, it really doesn't matter how many bowls I do then, I just break out the Visine and get to it lol.
  13. My eyes never get red, im like immune to it.
  14. only when I smoke some dank
  15. my eyes use to get red EVERYTIME when i was a i been smoking 8 or so years and its very rare that i get red eyes. it happens maybe...idk twice a month if that (i smoke daily)
  16. I smoke alot, and my eyes only get glazed over and low.
  17. #17 paramite, May 9, 2011
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    My eyes get redder than the devil's dick if I'm really high.

    I had lasik surgery a couple months ago, so that might be a factor. I doubt it though.
  18. my eyes never get red i got those good stoner genes
  19. My eyes only get really red if I'm completely blitzed, the rest of the time its usually hit or miss on whether they turn red, and even then its hardly noticeable. I still carry around a bottle of visine just in case.
  20. i can hit a one hitter and my eyes will instantly get red

    that shit sucked in high school

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