Do your eyes ever get red anymore?

Discussion in 'General' started by imalwayscold, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I medicate a lot with marijuana and my eyes no longer get red. Saves me on eye drops.
    Whats the deal with that?
    Why are my eyes not getting red anymore?

  2. No idea but mine don't either, but my eyelids become slightly puffy and pink though so you can still tell I been smoking
  3. I have heard many things on this and a few make sense. Not coughing makes it so you aren't busting blood vessels. Your tollerance is high as shit. Your weed sucks. or You're an alien. That's my thoughts
    while in Hawaii, my dad said I looked baked so I looked in the mirror. My eyes were clear but then I looked closer and realized they were puffy. I put some sweet almond oil on my bags under my eyes along with some Kate Somerville moisturizer and they cleared up. If you don't want to spend money on skin care, even tho sweet almond oil is $10 bucks and is great for your skin and face- purchase an cold facial mask.
    I have been smoking medical marijuana for almost 3 years everyday. My medicine is very strong so it can't be bad marijauana. I don't believe im an alien since I am bad at math and math is universal
  6. Yeah I will just stick to my cocoa butter but yeah on a serious note my fiancé is severely allergic to almonds so me an almond oil is no bueno lol
  7. Then I think it would be lack of coughing or tollerance
    I use two exfoliating body washes in the shower along with soap. I apply it with my loofa. Anways, after I get out of the shower - after I use my skin cleanser, I apply my daily facial moisturizer then I go to work. I apply Sweet Almond oil to my entire body, then I apply Vaseline Cocoa Butter. I was using Nutrix Royal body by Lancôme for years but stopped because it was starting to add up. I would use a bottle every month. But yeah, I love my skin and take care of it.
  9. Right on brotha! I'm 27 been with the same chick for almost nine years and have a five year old so skin care aside from daily face washing is pretty well not a priority for me lol
    What really makes my eyes red are dabs and bho for my vape pen. Can't really function when I do that stuff so I stick to a low grade of smoking. I don't smoke too much because I feel doing so complicates motivation, strict dieting, and weight lifting. I wish I could sit around all day and smoke but I'm too energenic too do so. That's a good thing tho. However, if I had a terrible disease - I would sit on my ass and do whatever I want
  11. Try sativas then. Smoking herb is excellent forr body building
  12. ^ what he said
    Yessir, it truly is. I have the vape pen and a green crack cartiridge for it. I like to medicate before and if im able to during and after I work out. things a life saver. I love marijuana. It is so amazing I think its a miracle on earth
  14. I am not a religious person but there is some verse in the Bible saying something about a magical plant and in california they have a 420 church lol the fact you can make clothes fuel medicine and a 100 other things out of it, That has to be a sign it was meant to be used for all purposes c:

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