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Do your dealers always have the same strain?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Drugs Bunny, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. #1 Drugs Bunny, Feb 10, 2014
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    I've got one main dealer who sells bags and weight, it's always always always the exact same strain and quality of UK cheese. Although it's pretty dank, I believe that if you smoke the same strain all the time then you develop a tolerance to it (not weed, the strain).
    I have a dealer who is an hours drive away who get's a new batch every 2-3 weeks. I've had mango haze, lemon haze, G-13. The great thing is I am 99% positive they are what he says they are, unlike some dealers who throw a new name on the same bud they sold you yesterday.
    I get hyped to try a new strain, genuinely excited, but when I know it's going to be cheese every time it gets old fast.
    So are you stuck with the same strain? Or even stuck with indicas and rarely find sativas?

  2. Some dealer's plugs have their own plug who is growing just a select few strains cause they are so promising.  It just depends where it is all coming from
  3. I have been stuck the same few indica strains for the past 4-5 years.
    I only go through one guy because he is the only solid dealer I have met in my adult life.  He's no bullshit, ALWYAS answers his phone, does his deliveries at the same time every day, never short, vacuum sealed bags, same price always..... but unfortunately its the same 5 or 6 types of weed for the past 4-5 years.
    Bubba Kush, OG Kush, Purple Kush, Green Crack, God Bud or GB x GC.  Oh had a hempstar and rockstar a few times also.   Since I'm not in a legal area nobody grows sativa from my understanding because of the longer flowering time and most people are after that heavy "stone" as opposed to high.
    I would be really hyped to try some new delicious strains.  Especially sativa's and TGA strains.
  4. Any one strain no matter how potent will get old after awhile, thats pretty much a known fact. Most dealers know that too.
  5. nope
    and Im glad
  6. nope, thankfully!  My current connect has a variety every time, always medical (I live in a medical state, pretty lucky!) 
    The only time I've gotten the same stuff a couple times in a row was picking up off a buddy who grows.
  7. It just depends on how your dealer reups. If he's getting it from a grow house, directly or indirectly, it will probably be the same. If it's coming shipped from the west, you have a better chance of variaty.
  8. Usually I go through about 2-3 quarters a week. I would say after about 5 or 6 quarters my dealer usually reups and has different stuff. But for the past few months it has been the same exact caribbean dream. It was amazing at first, very frosty. Then it got old but luckily I have now gotten some new shit finally.
  9. I pick up a decent bit every week or so, my guy picks up from about 6 different growers who all grow at least 4-5 strains. they're all distinct, even though different strains look different. each guy's bud is distinct from the other growers, which I think is pretty neat. so it goes in batches , my dude'll pick 5-10 lbs when one guy crops, and have those 1-4 strains for a few weeks, with some selling out faster of course. usually has a variety when I pick up, but about 6 months ago he had some chronic Dutch Treat for like, 6 weeks. it was some great bud, but when thats all your smoking day in and out for close to 2 months you get burned out
  10. my connect reups with a QP every few days. last night it was apollo 13, 5 days ago it was Deathstar. i guess his connect did a sci-fi grow haha 

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