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  1. Get higher if ya cough out the hit? I hear people say it but I'm not sure

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  2. no. imo it's a waste. if you are coughing ur probably taking too big a hit. take small, controlled hits.
  3. Of course I mean after you inhale it. I don't often and when I do it is only accidentally. It just gives me a crazy coughin attack for doin it. I can't tell if I'm any higher.

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  4. no shit you get higher! unless you barely get it in then cough.. if you take fat huge bong rip, and suck deep  in for couple seconds and then have an unexpected gnarly cough that your trying to fight, your gonna get doughed my friend and be all like fuck with drool pouring out your mouth.. then round two.
  5. Coughing has nothing to do with how THC interacts with the cb receptors. The only correlation is when you smoke weed, the actions of the cannabinoids cause you to cough, and by smoking weed you inhale THC which will get you high.
  6. It's called a head rush. It doesn't get you higher, it's just a lack of oxygen, so you feel the "head rush". Goes away after you catch your breath. I hate coughing, period... Like previous poster said, take smaller hits.

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  7. no thats some sadist masacist shit 
  8. Don't take small hits that's terrible advice...take big fat fatties like a g, and okay head rush mixed with being high =higher in my book
  9. Its not good for you to cough and suffocate yourself, that actually does kill brain
  10. Small hits = less tar and a longer sesh, same amount of THC absorbed in the end.

    Big hits = more tar and slower sesh, same amount of THC absorbed in the end. 
  11. It's true.
    As you cough your rib muscles and diaphragm contract, increasing the pressure in your lungs.
    This is why coughing during tobacco smoking is especially bad because the tar gets pressed deeper and deeper into the lungs.
    Coughing while you smoke is your bodies way of saying "please, stop inhaling smoke!"
    Vaporizing or eating edibles is a healthy alternative to rough smoke.
    I've heard stories of lungs literally collapsing due to excessively large bong rips or dabs.
  12. Idk...
    I smoke on avg like an eighth to a quarter a day... And in my experience small hits = good if your smoking papers bad if your rippin bongs, Sesh not affected..
    Big hits= bad with papers, awesome with bongs, way higher, Sesh not affected. But to each their own...
    Like for instance 5 lil rips < 2 fatties.... 5 lil dabs< 2 huge dabs
  13. The absolute worst is when you cough out the smoke. Coughing after you exhale isn't so bad, but actually coughing out the smoke while its still in your lungs hurts so bad. Makes your throat burn like a bitch.
  14. I have recently given up combustion since I wanted to keep my lungs from falling apart. I used to always smoke out of bong/bubblers and loved taking bigs hits for a looong time. But towards the end there I kinda realized I got just as high taking smaller hits, and I didn't hurt my throat, lungs, or chest muscles from coughing all the time. 

    Also, here is what convinced me. Go grab two napkins. Pack up a bong pack with a set amount of weed. Let's say, put a dime in the bowl. Take only big hits with this pack and blow ALL the smoke you get through the first napkin in one concentrated area. Next, pack another dime in the bowl and only take small bong hits and blow all the smoke through the concentrated area of the second napkin. Compare the two. Very interesting. 
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  16. ill tesst it out when pneumonia goes the fuck away.
  17. This thread reminds me of the AT&T commercials, the more more more ones lol. Bigger hits, no smaller hit... Lol do what you prefer, it gets you high all the same.

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  18. man just google that shit, small controlled hits are better for you. is it awesome to take huge hits and blow out monster clouds? yes! good for you? not so much......
  19. no you should try to avoid coughing thats why perks for bongs exist so you don't cough up a lung
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    Man I remember when this question used to get asked on GC like every other day
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