Do you/would you buy tobacco products for minors?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHighRoad, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Explain why or why not within.
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    Yes. I'm 18 and I have lots of friends that are under 18, so I buy for them when we hang out or whatever.

    I've been using snus regularly/smoking every now and then since I was 14 years old, when I was 16 my mom started buying it for me. Here in Sweden so many people smoke/use snus it's crazy. Plus, I think it's ridicilous to have the age restriction at 18. I think it should be at 16.
  3. Do blunt wraps fall under tobacco products in this case?

    I probably should have asked this BEFORE voting...
  4. Live and let live. If someone asks you to buy them something because they want it, then I'll do it. However... if it were alcohol, I'd make sure they are responsible enough and don't have any moronic friends.
  5. I buy cigarettes for my lil cuz all the time... hes 16 though.. but he gives me clean piss.. so i gotta do him the favor.
  6. Yea, for my younger friends and whatnot.
  7. yeah does it?
    If its a black n mild or treewrap or blunts i would
    cigarettes, no

    just returning the love for when grown folk used to do it for me
  8. tobacco sucks dick
    tis why
  9. Only friends. theyre going to get it somehow anyways. :eek:
  10. of course. people did it for me back in the day, return the karma
  11. I couldnt vote.

    I dont do it currently.

    I dont fuck with nobody under the age of 18.

    Shiet i dont fuck with nobody the age of 18 either.

    But ill do alot of things when i see huge profits.
  12. Nah, I think cigarettes are disgusting and terrible for your health, it makes me sad to see kids using them.
  13. Yeah, depending on just how old they were, if they looked to be about 16 I would. I wouldn't buy for some 12 year old kid though. My reason is there gonna smoke/get it one way or another, might as well make their lifes easier. My dad bought me my cigarettes when i was 16 so I never had to worry about it really. The weird thing is I started smoking at the same time that he quit smoking.

  14. Yeah man, I'd count it. ;)

    Haha good point.
  15. Awh man, I voted "no" but I've bought blunt wraps for my boyfriend.

    Other than that, I wouldn't. :/ I don't care for cigarettes/tobacco.
  16. If they already smoked, sure. If not, fuck that. I'm not gonna be the one to start someone's addiction.
  17. no because tobacco should be illegal. anyone who smokes is a f*cking idiot sorry.
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    I wouldnt for some people but then for people I am chill with, I totally would.
  19. Never Again

    I don't use tobacco (other than the occasional blunt) so I'm not going to supply somebody else the ability to use it.
  20. if they want a blunt for tree.
    not a pack of cigs.

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