Do you work at a fast food resturant??

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, Jul 26, 2003.


Do you hate your job (aka do you work at a fast food joint?)

  1. Yea, and I fucking hate it!

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  3. at one time, but that was a loonngggg time ago...

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  1. Well?

    I do, and I fucking hate it... McDonalds is a horrible place, with all the food they throw away, they could feed fucking six 3rd world countrys! speaking of poor, there pay sucks! $5.50 an hour can suck my nuts! ARGH! yea i just needed to get that out.
  2. My sister's ex used to work at a McDonalds...
    Some guy middle-aged guy went up to the counter and asked him for a cheeseburger without the cheese...

    "Uhh... I'll just give you a burger..."

    So he had to get a burger, unwrap it, rewrap it in a cheeseburger wrapper and charge the guy for a cheeseburger...
  3. hahah....hell no and never....

    fast food resturants are degrading....

    the pay and the customers.....

    i promised i self i would never ever work at a fast food place or supermarket...idk why, but its just not my style...
  4. Nope!!!!!
  5. I meantioned on a thread earlier that I work at Burger King. I can't stand it.

    Just as I was depressed, and getting ready to start filling out a stack of job apps, I got a call on my cell from Wal-mart wanting an interview. The only bad part is they do drug tests, I have my interview on Monday. So I hope niacin works for me, because I really need this job.

    Burger King pays $6.00 an hour, by the way. They also have benefits for full time employees, they never give me any hours though and it is very degrading work, so fuck them. I'm not coming in anymore.

  6. man that has happened so many times, people go i want a big and tasty with chesee, wiht out bacon, mustard, and cheese.
    the frist two arn't even on the sandwich and she said she wanted the damn thing with cheese!

  7. anyone here have anything positive to say about working at a fast food restaurant caause i need to get a job soonn and was thinkin abou it
  8. yea like in new york, minum wage is like 10 bucks or somthing, thats cause of cost to live in each city varies and other crap. im in wisconsin though.
  9. I couldn't work at a fast food resturant. I think I enjoy the food a little too much to wanna know how its REALLY made. I've heard some pretty filthy stories. I have a feeling there are some things I just don't wanna know!

    I'm a firm believer in "what I don't know won't kill me"...and besides, I'm waaay to fuckin lazy to be cookin every day.
  10. well.. i dont know, i work @ a pizza place, is that concidered fast food???well i guess ill vote it fast food, anyone know what minimum wage is in michigan, i think my boss is paying me less....... im gunna look it up somewhere i guess....
  11. I used to work at a Dairy Queen. I had some friends there and it was within walking distance of my house (only 3 miles away) while I was saving money for a car. I quit last year before I went off to college.

  12. i think minimum wage in ny is 5.85 or 6....

    but the mcyd's here starts people off at like 7 something..... they advertise everwhere....trying to get there evil artery clogging claws in to every young kid and persons who can't speak good english around.... its
  13. Nah.. fast food spots are mostly for like.. 16-18 year olds I think. Mostly. To get work experience. There are a lot of jobs that require you be 18 and always pay $8 and up.
    I'm trying for a job working a grinder at a dog food place. It's like $13 an hour. But man, if they random test, I can't take the job. I can't be seperated from my favorite hobby for so long!
    If they random test, I'm going to try at a bunch of factory/manufacturing jobs. Those are the type that pay at least $8.
  14. Minimum in TN is $5.15. I used to make that. After about a year I worked my way up to $7 because the owner liked me. Now I'm making $2.13 an hour, but see much less than that because I still get taxed for the shitty tips that Cracker Barrel customers leave. I gotta find a better restraunt to work at.

  15. fuck that! we have plenty of artery clogged yound kids that don't speak english! How come we only get $5.50? O well, i have a freind thats been working there about a year and has already had his wage increased to 6.50, and decreased back to 5.60. haha.

    yea silent bob is the shit, but it was time for a change.

    o and im pretty sure minuim wage is state controled, because i know most huge states have a really high min. wage.
  16. KoB: now that was a real homer sandwich :)

    never worked in a restaurant of any kind, and never will. i do however work a fair bit of conferences (free lunch and dinner, good grub too), and watching the caterers there is almost painfull. all that food, straight to the bin. at least we got some waste-food programme. it all gets churned up, cooked again and given to farmers for pig-food, thus ensuring the lifecycle of *junkfood* :D

  17. .. wait ...
    macdonalds throw food out? why dont they ever sell any off it rather than the shi they hand over the counter!? lol.
  18. lol McDonalds sucks lol are you new? i just started there a month ago, and my start pay was $5.50/hour.
  19. ^^^^ Yea, i started about 4 months ago, its a pretty sad place ain't it?

    its bad, if the fries sit there for more then 5 min, in the garbage they go, we waste about 25 pounds of french fries a day! that and like an avg of 20 big macs, 10 crispy chicken, 10 grilled chicken, 50!!!!! dbl cheese, 70!!!!! McChicken. (hehe, i stole the waste sheets for the last two months from the office)

    Somtimes I sit there and wonder seriously how its legal to give a 6 a double cheese burger, large fry, and 32 once shake!!! When you go on the website and bag that meal up its waayyyyyyyy over what your total fat and sat. fat for a whole day! in just one meal!
  20. All restaurants waste food, but I think fast food is the worst, because you're supposed to have most of the shit ready. Real restaurants are better because everything is made to order.

    At Burger King we waste a shitload of food. It's disgusting to be a part of it. If someone requests a sandwich with 2 bottom buns, we toast 2 sets of buns and just throw the tops away. Doesn't sound like much, but someone besides rats in the landfill could be eating the food we throw out.

    I can barely afford to feed myself and I see so much food get wasted there, it's terrible. No one cares though, as long as fat ass rednecks get their burger on time.

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