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Do you weigh your bud in front of your dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kushkidz420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I might be buying a zip in a couple days just wondering if it's ok to wiegh infront of your dealer because some people say not to.
  2. Ask him if he can weigh it in front of you and if you should bring a scale.
  3. If you think you should, you definitely should.
  4. If you don't know the dude well and have only picked up a couple times, then yes.

    If you've picked up from him more than a few times, have a relationship, then you should just scale it at home. They would probably feel a little offended maybe? It's like saying you don't trust them. I don't know. I'm too high for this lol
  5. helll yeah you should have the right away to weigh it! i mean it might offend him, but if hes not one of the sensitive buthurt kinda dudes then i think he should understand.
  6. I mean if it's the first time with someone, then just tell them you want to see it scaled. No biggie. If he say's no or makes excuses up then tell him you'll bring one, then if he still has excuses then find someone else. Also, make sure to not hand the money until you see it scaled, cause sometimes the dealer will take the money and just dip out, and leave you with most likely a shorted bag.
  7. He weighs it out right in front of me. I dont like driving with a scale & weed because that is a serious offence around here. -.-

    ps. check the post time. 420
  8. My dealer weighs it infront of me. Pretty cool guy.
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  9. I let my dealers bring their scale so I don't get blamed as a drug dealer when a cop comes by.
  10. Yeah I suppose it's okay to weigh it at one point or another. My dealer weighs it in front of me, every single time, doesn't matter how much I'm buying. That's just good business. If your unsure about the guy, then weigh it. If he's cool he'll understand
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  11. i think i told you this before but your sig really makes me wanna go out and eat delicious food
  12. #12 KillaWillaBilla, Nov 16, 2011
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    this is like asking if it is ok to get your diamond checked for its weight before buying it at a jewelery store. yes you can ask your dealer to weigh it and if he doesn't want to then leave cause there is obviously a problem with the weight of the sack.

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