Do you wear a hat?

Discussion in 'General' started by braaap, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. I wear fitted hats all the time, I have 15-20 hats, just to match what I'm wearing. :rolleyes:

    What about you?
  2. i have 3 bandanas
  3. Whatever floats your boat brah, never been much of a bandana kind of guy. :confused_2:
  4. yeah im all about the fitted hats it's good and the laddies like it. good way to flirt at partys too
  5. u flirt wit hats?:confused:
  6. You youngins and your fitted hats. I have this same old cap I've been wearing for like 3 years that every girlfriend I've had has wanted to burn lol.
  7. A different colored fitted Red Sox hat to match anything.
    :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :devious: :cool:
  8. I like to sport Minor League fitteds.

    Kills everybody's spirits when you pull out a Beloit Snappers fitted matchin with a fresh polo and matching Forces.

    Sportin a Red Sox fitted right now, with an Olympic polo and Olympic Forces.
  9. Well, in a sense, yes.

    See, they're easy to take off the way I wear it, so basically girls will just take my hat and wear it, it usually starts up a conversation.
  10. I only wear hats in winter, to keep me warm.
  11. oh man

    i cant go without them since ive grown my hair out a bit

    and when its windy i switch to beanies
  12. I always wear my fitted bob marley hat. I wear a size 8 hat and I dont wear team hats or city hats so finding a hat I like is a rarity.
  13. :wave: We both have freakishly large heads, haha.

    I wear an 8 too, they're hard to find.
  14. oa haha i feel u. that pisses me off when chicks r like "can i wear ur hat?" and just grab it, makes me wanna slapahoe:devious:
  15. I wear hats only in the winter time, and nothing with a logo (that goes for all my clothes) I'm not going to pay to advertise.
  16. It never bothers me, unless the girl is beat, then we have problems, haha.
  17. I used to have my one hat that I wore straight for 4 years.... by the end the navy blue boston redsox hat is a pale beige (oh the sun fades) it had about 30 or so patches, buttons, random shit on there....

    but it's gotten too old now..... I have a few hats.... but i like winter hats a lot

    peace, hippy
  18. Greetings,

    Wow, hats are sex objects now?

    I am REALLY behind the times. Just when I thought I couldn't get any older that I already was.
  19. Baby, you don't wanna know the freaky things you can do with a hat
  20. I only wear hats in the winter. I hate wearing caps because they make my ears stick out and look funny.

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