Do you watch the UCF?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420smoker, May 19, 2006.

  1. I just finished up watching Spike Tv's Thursday Night Knockout like I do every week(I dont watch the TNA tho). This is the only thing on tv I look forward to each week. I love watching the UFC shows, Unleashed, and Ultimate Fighter. I was just wondering how many other people like the UFC? Oh and if you saw tonights episode, who do YOU think should of won the fight between Josh vs Tate(sp?). I think Tate whipped ass.

    (NBA playoffs are good too)
  2. i hate the pomp and circumstance of the ufc. more and more it's becoming like pro wrestling without the fixed outcome. also, i'm not a big fan of wrestling and submissions. i prefer iska and k1 because that's more my style as a practitioner of taekwondo.
  3. Lol and I just realized I wrote UCF in the name of this thread! What can I say my hands just type away when I'm high.:smoking:
  4. yeah i honestly thought that tate won but then again i would have hated to see josh go home
  5. I always missi t.

    I just want to see the big irish guy fight.
  6. dammit i missed it
  7. I loveeeee UFC! but I dont watch it as often as I'd like, and when I'm home visiting the parents I cant watch it coz we dont get it on TV over here.. But when I get the chance to watch it I always enjoy it! For some reason Ultimate Fighter reminds me of something like Americans next top model..just with a little more violence obviously
  8. i missed it last night because my god damn phone/tv/internet all went out for hours.


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