do you wash the inside of ur ass first or last

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    when ur scrubbing your body in the shower, do you wash the inside of your ass crack / asshole first or last? i just got out of the shower and was thinking "if you did it first, that means ur spreading your own crusted poo flakes all over your body, if you did it last, then you don't"

  2. I don't stick soap in my ass, so I think my answer is gonna have to be a "No."
  3. but what if you wash it last...then use the same scrubbing device the next time...there ya old crusted poo flakes...

    thinking out loud.................
  4. Damn you always wash your asshole last.
  5. Thank you for starting this insightful thread....:rolleyes:
  6. The phrase "poo flakes" makes me want to ralph.
  7. for real, lol. ever heard of TP???

  8. Its called.........

    Using a different washcloth :p

    and last...

    edit: haha just read the bolded part..
  9. you rinse your wash cloth off after ur done using it, eliminating the trace of crusted poo flakes

    just thinking out loud here
  10. My showers go like this: I get naked, turn on the water, and get in. First things first I get my hair nice and wet like a fine lady in bed. Next thing I grab my shampoo and put it in my hand, then get it all up in my hair. I take the excess shampoo from my hands and rub it on my ballsack and up my ass crack. Now I go rinse that out nice and thoroughly then I grab the conditioner and repeat the shampoo process only I don't condition the ballsackncrack. So then I gets to the body washin with some soap, I'll git that over the ballsack n crack area as well.

    So I wash it last I suppose.

    edit: Plus I know you're cleaning up but who wants to put their hands all over their asshole then their face? You certainly can't do it first, although it doesn't have to be last.
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  11. neither.
    i start out with my hair and work my way down to my feet.
  12. Do that first. You wanna wash that nasty off your body before starting the rest. :eek:
  13. I'll follow Olesmoky's format.

    Well: I strip, hop in the shower, and get my hair all wet. I shampoo and conditioner it. I use my body wash (Like jell ish soap, it's Axe body wash) and squrit some on my arms & chest. Scrubb down my arms (With my hands, I don't use a washcloth, idk) and use the arm soap for my armpits. I use the soap I squirted on my chest and sud up my chest, balls/dick, legs/feet, and ass/crack. I then rinse and get out.

    I get out of the shower fully wet, and dry of outside of the shower. Does anyone else do this? My parents used to stay in the shower and dry off (dont ask me how I know this) but I think that's fuckin crazy. I'm way to uncordinated to not get myself wet again.
  14. Holy crap I was the only vote to wash first?
  15. um i don't wash my asshole?
  16. i dry off outside of the shower too haha damn i thought no one else did that but me, my parents both dry off in the shower with the curtain still closed, i can't do that, i feel too confined and feel like im getting wetter as i dry off from all the moisture
  17. hmmm
    well i actually dont wash my ass crack.
    is that weird?
  18. I don't touch anywhere near there, are you supposed to haha?
  19. People do that :eek:
  20. You guys are telling me you don't shove your finger up your ass?

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