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Do you want to Live Forever?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Jane_Bellamont, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. No. Just die with better memories
  2. Stay 21 forever. Yes. Where I'm at right now with an anxiety disorder? Fuck no.

    But I guess if I was immortal I couldn't have any disease or health issue.

    Or, have a stroke and be a vegetable from 200 years old on...

    Decisions, decisions

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  3. Death is just another part of life. I don’t mind dying eventually

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  4. I think if immortality comes, then the birth rate will stop. People will have nowhere to live
  5. He'll no. Over population would eventually cause major issues. For example There would be no where to grow food as people become packed into every available piece of land. So now we spend eternity starving to death. Eventually we would be stacked on top of each unable to even move. So unless humans were spade and neutered like animals immortality just wouldn't work.
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    I think she meant just you being immortal not everyone lol.
  7. Do diseases and deformities go away? if so then im possible game.
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  8. Well then I'll upgrade my hell no to fuck no. Watching generation after generation of friends and family die doesn't sound too appealing
  9. I don't see how anyone can be satisfied with the short life span. Its seriously depressing to think about how little time we have to live. If someone offered me a way to live forever I would take it without even thinking twice.
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  10. Why live forever? Death is a beautiful thing. Its the ultimate stage of life! It's what we were born to do. Everything does it. Please do not fight destiny. Because your destiny is beautiful. When i die id rather get fed to animals. Dont put me on a box you rot or cremate me. Feed me to the earth from which i ate from.
  11. i wanna die in my 70's. by then i will have experienced life and i will be willing to go peacefully before my body and mind give out.
  12. I am with you on the mind and body holding out, but I must say that being 60, 70 seems so young.

  13. Depends... I know some 60 year olds that are in a hell of a rougher shape than some 80-90+ year olds who are still getting around just fine on their own

    Then you have the exceptional 60-70 year olds that still have 6 packs and maintain a healthy lifestyle/routine that could probably fight someone half their age if not younger.
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  14. If I could choose I'd extend my lifespan for sure. Forever? That's a long time
  15. Yeah but even if you live to 900 million years and decide to end it... end the scheme of things that is not shit. It's either eternity or not eternity lol. Just thinking about that shit makes me even more depressed I gotta unfollow this shit idk how I even got subscribed lol.
  16. We humans naturally want closure, and that includes on our lives. An end to the story in other words, completion. Living forever would be insanely depressing.
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    Yes i want to live to forever and at 300 years old get bit by a vampire snake take over the world from behind a shack on top of a pyramid hidden by sand in the Mexican deserts. Meet a fine lady vampire snake and start a race of forever living me's to love and fight the alien overlord who will come at 500 years to strip our planet of nutrients so we have to make a ship to reach a wormhole near Saturn to another galaxy capable of sustaining me, my family and two other families. in this world there will be trees big as skyscrapers everywhere and gravity is just 50% of earth so we will start living in the trees and create a Utopian tree empire just from eating it's leaves which give us all the nutrients we need. Until the Death Star comes
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  18. Okay. I’ll do it. :)

    Where do I register for eternal incarnation?

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