Do you want to have hot sweaty sex with Adam G???

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by D9_THC, Sep 5, 2002.

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  1. I can\'t help but feel for you man... *grin*

    I\'m doing my best now to find you an easy lay... in our very own \'City!!!

    All willin girls, guys and assorted carbon-based lifeforms leave your name, address, telephone and e-mail so that Adam can get his groove on for ya.

    -President of the Save Adam G Fund-
  2. I think I\'ll take a piece of that. I\'m just that sick a bitch :p
  3. I am willing to buy, donate, and send a blow up doll for his \"hard-up\" emergencies!!!!!! LOL.
  4. I\'m sad now... only two offers? Come on people, show a little love!
  5. i feel for yea...i just cant tear away from this porn tape i just got in the mail today...

    enough about that though..I cant, wont, be able? to give it up!!!! HEART BROKEN. is what follows, hello my name is...
    so we all got our quams.....apparently BUT what was the name of this thread?

    ps. why cant I stop wearing my heart on my sleeve???
  6. ^^^me too^^^
  7. adam~ i feel for ya man. Hot and Sweaty Sex ~okay you can have me!
  8. Aha... it\'s a success!!! [gringo-voice] Please leave a contribution in the little box. [/gringo-voice]
  9. can i have the fairy in your av?
  10. lol sure but just for a while!
  11. ummm...all or none :D
  12. okay okay~ Adam G, i\'m all yours for the taking!..................................i\'m waiting....
  13. why dont witches wear panties when flying their broom????

    better grip!!!
  14. i like boobs...they are fun!

    bouncy bouncy bouncy
  15. about not wearing panties...or about fun boobs?
  16. Tits and Arse!
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