Do You Want to be a Philosopher of Cannabis? Win Philosopher Seeds from The Vault!

Discussion in 'Grasscity Contests' started by GaryEff - The Vault, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. I am in need to start a new garden anyway
  2. Thanks The Vault!
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  3. Ty for this chance!
  4. Wooo good luck all!
  5. Roll those dice!! Good luck everyone! And thanks Gary!
  6. Another nice promo from the lads at vault keep up the good work lads
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    Gary im santa of cali please put me in

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  8. Count me in too..:)
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  9. In!! As always
  10. Hi,
    Count me in for those good beans.
    Always time to philo.
    A great help is appreciated.

    Fingers crossed, one love my friends ❤
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  11. I'm all over this lol
  12. I love The Vault! Y'all rock!
  13. Sounds tasty! Good luck to everyone!
  14. Count me in!
  15. Count me in
  16. I would love to try these out
  17. hey everyone i hope to win
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  18. Sounds great. I'm in.
  19. Would love to win!! Enter me in please!

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