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    I read this in the news today and I thought it was a good enough reason as any to kick off a thread about everyone's favorite aquatic apex predator.
    NZ Man Fights Off Shark, Stitches Himself, Goes for a Beer
    What the fuck have you done lately? This guy is intense and I dig it.
    I've never had an encounter with a shark, though I've spent plenty of time on a surfboard. Around these parts, I'm more afraid of the crocodiles, but my sharky senses do tingle every now and again as I recall just how badass they are.
    So, what do you think of 'em? Of course you dig 'em. Which is your favorite species, what's your favorite shark film, would you be upset if via shark attack was how you died? Let's talk sharks.

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  2. i like the shark refeered to as "dog fish" becauase they're such a good smoking fish, but if i had to chose one to brawl with i would have to chose the maco shark, the fastest predatory shark!The vikings are coming!
  3. I feel you on the good eats, man. I've had shark, but though I fancy myself a fisherman, I've never caught one. Hopefully one day.
    My favorite is the whale shark, because they're just so fucking chill, but if we're talking real sharky, it's gotta be the great white - king of the ocean. I'd rather not be in the water with one, but shit, wouldn't that be the best story.
  4. That guy has "big cojones",I mean stabbing a shark then stitching himself up,that's some Rambo shit right there.On another note,I wouldn't want to face off a shark,very dangerous creature that I respect....But,I would like to taste shark meat,so that's that.
  5. I caught a 90lb Black Tip that snapped at me when I tried to cut the leader. I decided at the time I'd never shark fish again haha. I've been a few more times but haven't broken the 50lb mark again. I'd love to tear into a Mako though. 
  6. The guy was a doctor tho. Didn't seem all that hardcore to me after that!
  7. Damn that was far out, love the Kiwi's. Think what the government of WA are doing putting up the shark nets is wrong however, it's their domain. 
  8. if interested, this video will change how you look at sharks and probably shock you.
  9. After seeing videos im almost tempted to swim with them, but then i see all of the footage of them eating stuff and im like nope.

    Sharks have evolved to be these amazing predators. Theyve been around for millions of years and are a vital part of our oceans. As lomg as thry dont bother me, i dont mind them. Theyre pretty amazing in fact. Its shame they started culling them in Australia.

    Btw OP where are you from? Ive only ever heard of crocs in the lineup in South America
  10. pretty soon they're going to start culling them in Australian waters. it's horrible. somehow the bill was passed to let them do this despite like 90% of our population being against it. makes me sick.
  11. Shiiit I don't even like loan sharks let alone a damn shark shark. But I ate one tho. Tastes like chicken

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  12. I've eaten shark a few times - small blacktips and bonnetheads - and didn't care for them. Even though I bled, gutted, and iced them down immediately, they still had an ammonia smell that turned me off. The best was fresh blacktip steaks, soaked in milk for an hour, then grilled but it still wasn't that great. I've heard that mako is excellent table fare but I've never tried it. I'm open to suggestions for better ways to handle and cook shark but as it stands now, I won't be keeping any more. Kind of a shame because where I live, they're very easy to catch most of the year. Here's a pro tip - don't grab a shark by the tail. They can and will turn around 180 degrees and bite you. A pissed off shark in or alongside of the boat does not let go when it bites and even the little ones can do a lot of damage. Blacktips are especially fun to catch. In warmer water, they'll jump and run like a tarpon.
  13. smoke them, thats the way to cook shark. they simply taste amazing

    The vikings are coming!
    Northern Oz. I'll go swimming with freshwater crocs nearby, but I don't fuck with salties. Those things are mean, green, killing machines. This was in the news the other day, about my local break: Surfers chased out of the water by crocodile.
    As for the culling of sharks, I feel the same way about it as I do about the calls to cull the crocs: it's fucking stupid. I can understand the hunt for an animal that has taken a person (less understandable with sharks, as they don't even like attacking humans), but to destroy a vital part of the ecosystem because it interferes with your lifestyle is a short-sighted and ignorant move at best. Especially since they already patrol and monitor shark locations near beaches.
    Don't like the chef? Stay the fuck outta the kitchen.
    You can't fix stupid.  <_<
    He stabbed a shark, thats pretty hardcore.
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    Seriously man. Its really a shame about the culling. Honestly, the people that they described in the article were probably kooks man. I mean, the locals probably know the spot so well they can tell you where the crocs go to lay their eggs lmfao.

    The past summer El Porto was supposed to be shark infested. There are videos of like great whites the size of SUPs swimming under their boards. Its funny though because there was a flat spell for a few weeks over the summer so when this one swell hit right when the dozens of shark sightings were going down the beach was still fucking packed. Porto a beach break and there were like a hundred people up and down the entire lineup hahaha. I remember going out with a friend that day and we got separated. I talked to him later that night and he told me he actually saw one of those things! I was like fuuuuckkkk!!!

    The sharks there were all juveniles and dont go for people but still haha

    Also, dont they tweet chat when a shark is close to shore over in OZ?
  17. Fuck all you shark-eaters and shark killers. You're eating and killing my motherfucking brothers. You think its badass to catch a shark? Be a man and get in the water with it and wrestle it with your bare hands and it'll fuck you up, pussies. It's like hunters - they go out there with a gun. How the fuck is that anything to be proud of? You're killing animals with a device that ensures your safety. Of course, I don't consider land animals as much of my brothers and sisters, apart from bears, cats and what not. Still fucked up and ball-less.
    Stay away from my marine family!

    "She was living in a single room with three other individuals. One of them was a male and the other two, well the other two were female. God only knows what they were up to in there. And furthermore, Susan, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to learn that all four of them habitually smoked marihuana cigarettes..... REEFERS"
  18. I caught a 10 pound shark on accident once...  Never eaten those things though.  The one I caught was pure musscle I can't imagine eating that shit.  But sharks for the most part are pretty peaceful animals.  They attack surfers because they confuse them for penguins.  And attack spear fishers because the spear fishers are taking their dinner and wreak of the scent of their dinner.  Sharks don't just attack people for no apparent reason though.  Unless it's a bull shark...  Those things scare the shit out of me.  About a month ago I was in Bimini on my boat fishing and I met these locals that would attach fish corpse to a rope and hang it off the dock.  Those fucking bull sharks would jump out of the water and eat the fuck out of that rope.  They're about 8 feet long as well.  Some big vicious fuckers.
    I hear that, mate. We get waves up here maybe a half-dozen times per year, so despite the abundance of sharks, crocs, and stingers, when it breaks everyone heads out no matter what. Gotta take what you can get! I've never seen anything while in the water, and to be honest, I'm alright with leaving it that way. I'm not down for that Mark Healey-level shit.
    The thing with crocs here though is that killing them is illegal so they're everywhere. There are no safe waterways to swim in and anyone who takes a dip in any river is gettin' risky. People are stupid and go swimming anyway, but if you ask me I'd rather see the crocs cull out our idiot population than us knock them for doing what they've done for millions of years.
    And the tweeting sharks are a Western Australian thing, don't think they do it anywhere else in the country, though they should. Do they have that in Cali? It makes so much sense to do, especially since they're tagging most of the sharks anyway.
  20. Whale Sharks are my favorite species. Even if they aren't aggressive, not many in the sea fuck with a whale shark. 

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