Do you visit other forums (besides GC)? and why do you hate them?

Discussion in 'General' started by budbudgoose, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Okay. I don't visit other forums and I pretty much hate everything :lol:
  2. No I don't visit other forums, besides Google searches. I have nothing against them either
  3. no 
  4. this. i used to run many forum-based websites and I'm tired at looking at too many. GC is all I need.
  5. In the past.
  6. Other forums?

    Heresy!  Burn the witch! :cool:
  7. One other grow forum, but it has a much smaller community. There's not as much information, but also less assholes.
  8. You calling me an asshole?
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    cannabis related? only one other although its more for research, and i read a few automotive specific forums also. the city is about the community though.
  10. I'm only active one other forum, however with it's lack of activity I'd be lucky to post twice a week. I do not hate that forum, I've been part of it way longer than I have on this forum. However this is clearly my go-to forum because it's awesome. 
     And if Martyr ever finishes TGA I will hopefully be on it. Do you hear me, Martyr?
  11. I'm active on various music/rap forums but I hate that most of them are just ppl with new accounts promoting their own music. No one actually discusses anything in the forums anymore, it's all "check out my new soundcloud/youtube hurr durr".
  12. Yes I visit other forums of other hobbies and interests of mine.  I also visit other cannabis related forums.  While I consider GC my home, it's not perfect. :smoking:
  13. /a/ /v/ /vg/ /pol/ /k/
    Everything is horrible but it's pleasant enjoying shit with company.
  14. I only frequent GC and this one subreddit but I'm getting tired of the mods there. I might leave it and join another community but most of them are shit.
    which subreddit? /trees?
  16. Reddit is fantastic, and the occasional VGChartz/Gamrcentral
  17. Only use grasscity now, use to be on ultimate-guitar and skateboard-city alot
    Nothing about weed or the like. It's about a niche interest of mine that has to do with anime.

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