Do You Visit GC While On a T-Break?

Discussion in 'General' started by Caveit77777, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Like the title says, do you still go on the forums while on a t break? I'm on a break now and this is a rare occasion for me to be on here. I feel like it's too damn tempting with all this hooplah talk about "MFLBs and dank nugs and My Mom Just Caught Me O NO :eek:" But fo real. Just wondering
  2. I still come on here when I'm on a break.
  3. I spend most of my time on GC if I'm out or on a t-break. Hardly ever log in when I'm stoned.
  4. I do, it really helps me. It's a time killer so I'm not sitting there debating whether I should go out and buy weed, and I actually like reading about people who get to enjoy the herb it makes me miss it less for some reason.
  5. I haven't smoked in a few months now, and even when I did it was only a few times.. So this year alone I've probably smoked a total of 9 times. There's a lot going on here besides just pot so I still come here pretty regularly. I will admit seeing dank pictures makes my mouth water and wish I had a joint or something to light up haha.
  6. 3 days into a 2 week t break. I go on more often during t breaks cause im always out doin shit if im stoned. And its entertaining to read the i got caught stories lol
  7. Im addicted.
  8. I do most of my posting sober if i have weed or not. When I'm high I always right a post then delete it because i think its dumb after writing it.
  9. yep. I'm on an unintentional T-break. 10 days now. Hopefully my buddy will get me a gram tonight, if not it'll be at least monday before I can smoke. Fuck.

    But yeah, I come on here to pass the time.
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  10. Haha I do that as well when I'm high, I'm glad I'm not the only one :D
  11. I visit gc daily, and I rarely ever smoke anymore.
  12. high or sober I'm on here :smoking:
  13. I've been on a t break for the last few months until I recently started up again, the whole time I was on this site, I love the site regardless of if I'm smoking or not
  14. I only smoke 5/6 times a year now a days, but I enjoy the City none the less.
  15. I've never been on a tolerance break. Yeah I know I'm cool :smoking:
  16. There's too many interesting things on here not to come.
  17. Im on a t break now so yes.

  18. that's my exact response
  19. I dont take tbreaks. Sometimes ill be out of bud for a couple days, but I still come on gc.
  20. i smoke when i dont have weed. i dont really consider not having bud people you're out of money being on a t-break.

    luckily i have plenty right now :D

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