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Do you usually take a lot of hits when you smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Barcelona420, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking for 2 years now. I used to think the obvious "the more hits you take the higher you get". I thought that because it was "logical" and everyone seemed to agree.

    I would always notice however, that once I was high, I couldn't get any higher and smoking anymore was merely a waste of weed.

    I have recently discovered that all I need is like 1-4 puffs on joint. Even after 1 hit, I could stop and be content. One hit makes me relax and feel great, the whole reason I smoke in the first place. So why do more if you are already stoned?

    Lets here what you guys think
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    More hits makes you more high...

    2 or 3 hits gets you stoned.

    5 to 8 hits gets you baked

    and 10 and up your fucking blasted.

    Of course it all depends on the weed and what your smoking it out of. One huge rip of good shit out of a bong and your gonna be staring at the lighter trying to turn it into a mozzarella stick.

  3. yea son. if im with friends im takin nothing less than five hits unless its a joint.

    bein stoned is just lazy, being baked makes you have epiphanies, and if u cant handled gettin straight up plastered then ur gonna have a bad trip no question.
  4. shit that sucks you cant get more high.... i smoked 2g's of dank once and was so fucked.... omg i dont even know where to begin.
  5. i feel like the more you do it the more immune i get to it to a point of course 10 rips im gone haha
  6. Yeah it really does matter on the smoking device lol, 10 hits out of a pipe or something won't ever get me blasted; a bong on the other hand...................:bongin:

    i wish i had a bong now :(

    more hits makes you more high, 'nuff said
  7. i cut down my smoking a lot recently. usually i just smoke a bowl out of my mini bong. a personal bowl which consists of 1-2 hits. and sometimes i will have a second one but not usually.
  8. definatly man. i love smoking a bowl really really fast, then just sitting there waiting for the peak. tis incredible listening to dry and heavy or buckethead.
  9. well i take big hits, so i take less hits. it all works out in the end i still smoke the shit i bought
  10. Lately I don't have the urge to get baked so I am completely satisfied with a few hits. I love it. I still feel pretty high when I do it. An average joint can last me 2 days.

    Today I just smoked a fat roach and that did me good for the day. Tonight I will smoke half a joint and be perfectly happy.

    Not to mention my stash can last me a long time this way :hello:
  11. It all depends on how big of hits you take, how potent the bud is and what kind of piece you're smoking from. Also your tolerance, lol.

    Last night I took some damn big hits from my friends bowl (two bowl packs) and by the time the second bowl pack was cashed I was high as a kite. The walk back was interesting I must say.

  12. t-o-l-e-r-a-n-c-e
  13. I found that more hits not only gets you more messed up, but lasts much longer.

    For example yesterday I took 5 solid rips out of a home-made pipe, then 4 rips off a joint (yumm chocolate papes), then we got tired of breathing plastic death and burning our lips on roaches... we bought a bong (my first). I took 4 rips out of that.

    Our dealer called it California Kush, and it was very nice...

    Point is, 5 pipe rips, 4 jay puffs, 4 bong hits, and I was curling around on the floor like a lobbster (sp?) for about three hours.

    It depends on the device, number of hits, herb potency, and personal tolerance (I have none. To any anything. 4 oz of 40% liquor does me in).
  14. when i first started smoking i would smoke a j but if im in my neighborhood i'm smoking a whitey that all my dudes smoke here and js but thats only if i'm there with my papers...
    and i dont usually have papers which= mucho Ls for me=not good for my lungs. so i bought a vaporgenie a year ago and one hit is all i need to get a lift and be able focused enough to study viruses and the brain but, if i vape a bowl i'll defintely say my elevation increases likewise and 2-3 bowls... well it'll take me at least an hour.

    yup less>more. prawda
  15. when i have a nice sesh i like to smoke to the point where i cant smoke a lighter any more, thats the ultimate goal, and it always works:smoking:
  16. Haha yeah when you're too stoned to work the bic, you're just about there :D

    I got some nice kush that makes me laugh convulsively... well it sure stops me from taking too many hits.

    More hits gets you higher, like more drinks gets you drunker-er-er.
  17. All about the situation man...

    I range from functionally buzzed to totally toked depending on what I want to do after I have reached my desire altitude
  18. [quote name='Barcelona420']I have been smoking for 2 years now. I used to think the obvious "the more hits you take the higher you get". I thought that because it was "logical" and everyone seemed to agree.

    I have been smoking for about 1 year and i love it. I think weed makes everything hilarious and relaxing. I usually smoke from a bong which i prefer, but accasionally i will use a pipe. I like to smoke once a week and invite a couple friends over, because I dont like getting blazed everyday I want to be able to function properly. Once a week is good to get my mind off the boulshit and enjoy a nice fuckin blaze! When i set up for a day to smoke out I like to get completely fucked up. The last time I was blazed I drank a 3rd of my half gallon of hennessy and smoked a dub of rhino... :eek:
  19. i usually take 10 hits from the pipe or smoke a jay in a session...
  20. Honestly....Im usually far to high to be counting how many hits I take.
    My mind goes somewhere else heh.

    Although, tonight as I was finishing a nice blunt I said to me self "I can atleast get 5 more hits out this roach blunt" I got 13 :smoking:

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