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Do you use tabacco in your mix?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by larrytron, Aug 23, 2003.

  1. Generally Ive found all across Australia we tend to generally mix tabacco with our pot.

    Whats the vibe at your end of the world?
  2. I don't, not even in joints or blunts--just that pure green. Sometimes we do put a dab in blunts though, so we don't waste it all.

    I live in Minneapolis, MN.
  3. NO!!!

    In the US most people frown upon mixing tobacco and the magic herb, but those wacky European people think it's okay.

    Why mess with a good tasting bud?
  5. I'll smoke a cigarette afterwards, but there is no way in hell I will ever mix them and smoke them at the same time.

    Green hits are the best!
  6. ive only smoked with it with it in once.. that was the first time with tobacco tho, it hurt so much, not being used to it, and taking deep hits... soo after tho i started to smoke ciggs... damnit. i gotta quit
  7. Yeah around here in the U.S. no one i know does that except for a small few. Although I have thought about doin it with clove cigarettes, such as djarums or somethin. I wonder if it would taste any better.
  8. Out of the 100+ stoners I know here in the US, noooooo one puts tobacco in their bud. All the cigarette smokers I know love to fire up a cig after smokin some bud, but they smoke cigs for everything..

    Get in the car, light up, get out the car, light up, have somethin to eat, light up, change a tire, light up..
    It's like a period at the end of a sentence heheh.

    Nah never mixxed bud and tobacco in my life or known anyone that does it.
  9. Straight MJ only....
  10. In Australia id say 90% of smoker us tabaco in their mix - bong blasts and joints the same.

    I guess its just the done thing over here - or maybe its just were such tight arses with cash that we convince our selves that "pffft yeah weed tastes just as good in a bong when its mixed with tabaco - pfffft" Who the hell am I kidden - ive been a fool for so long - im gunna pack me a 110% weed cone. I'll head back here later to give me full report.

    Weed Vs Tabaco Weed ..... hehe

    Ive always heard old wives tales like "oh if you smoke just str8 weed with out tabaco you go impotent" and "tokin' str8 weed gives you migrane headaches"

    Oh how i have been misled.

    So every american cant get an erection and has constant headaches from tokin' on pure green?

    Highly unlikly me thinks!



  11. Well I smoke blunts a lot. Does that count? I would never mix tobacco in with the weed while rolling though. Also I don't smoke bowls bongs joints or anything else with tobacco mixed in. NY.
  12. Blunts don't count because it's a negligible amount of tobacco that doesn't hurt to inhale for people who don't inhale tobacco regularly.
  13. Kiwi's don't even do that shit.
  14. why would you want to mess up a good thang. if it does the trick go on with your bad self.:)
  15. ewww, i only smoke wacky tobacky:p

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