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Do you use herbal materials again after vaping? I do!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by frogjam, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. I've only used a digital, glass-whip vape for about nine months. It took a fair bit of time to recognize exactly when I should stop drawing on the same batch of herbs. Now, from taste and color at top temps, I know when it is time to renew the herbs. But, since the "waste product" is no longer just ash and I hate to waste anything, I experimented with the tannish grey to chocolate brown leftovers.

    First, I tried smoking it. It was very harsh tasting, but did seem to have some minor effectiveness left. However, it was too unpleasant for too little benefit.

    It occured to me that consuming as food might be a better way to make use of whatever effective ingredients remained. I dug up a recipe for honey butter and tried it out. It is very simple and involves simmering the leftovers in pure butter, stirring all the time until it bubbles a bit. I am talking about approx a cup of dregs to about a half pound of butter. When the organic material has been well saturated by the bubbling butter, you just stir in a half cup or more of honey. It is queer looking and smells very organic. It is interesting to note that the first step of the recipe I used, intended to start with fresh green herb was to TOAST UNTIL BROWN, pretty much exactly what the vape does. of course it cannot be as potent as from fresh, but what the heck, just eat a little more. actually tastes pretty good - or at least I have gotten used to it :D

    But, it really works! I put the hot mixture in a tightly covered jar and keep shaking it vigorously as it cools so the organic material stays well blended and doesn't settle out. After that I refrigerate and it gets pretty hard. about a teaspoon full will come on nice and slowly and remains a significant heady and body based high for 2-4 hours.

    So, if I wasn't already sold on all the health benefits of vapor over smoke, the incredible efficiency of using effective ingedients in my herbs being so great is another good reason for vaping.

    Please share your thoughts about using the post vape dregs.
  2. all my vape poo is sitting in a baggy waiting for me to find a use for it, edibles maybe?
  3. absolutely, edible, as i mentioned I make cannabutter...
  4. i usually smoke it when im dry and desperate haha
  5. Honestly I don't have the most efficient vape so my vape guts get me pretty medicated when combusted.
  6. I normally twist up a j with some fresh bud and some vaped bud. Normally does the trick for me with not being too harsh but just right :)
  7. I have been looking for something to do with my "vape poo", but it smells so...well, kinda raunchy, that I can't imagine it would taste good in anything. My boyfriend was thinking something with a strong flavor would help diminish the taste, something like spaghetti sauce?
  8. I know it sounds crazy, but after the butter simmer, it mainly smells organic and with the honey, it tastes fine. I am certain spaghetti sauce would also be great, as it would have the oil needed to extract the good stuff.
  9. exactly right, I view what I haven't cooked as emergency back-up...
  10. i currently have about 5 grams of vaped herbs. i estimate that after vaping them they are 50% lighter so about ten full grams, im not sure when i should make some butter for brownies i was thinking when the jar is filled but that will be a few months from now. either way, well worth the vape. i love my vaporizer...hands down best purchase '09:hello::smoke:

    blaze on
  11. I'm saving mine for Brownies!!! I hope it all works out well.

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