Do you use alarm clock?

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  1. Do you use alarm clock?


    Usually I can't goto sleep without setting the alarm clock. Not that I need it to wake up, but I need it to feel safe.

    I wake up at exactly 6:20 AM. And precisely five minutes later, the alarm sounds.


    But when I goto other places, like on a business trip, I do not use the alarm clock. Not only because I don't have it with me, but also because I'm usually allowed to wake up late during these trips... Sleeping 'till late in hotel bed can sometimes be a pleasant experience.


    Usually in the morning, I'm on the run. I have to be at work before 8 AM, and I only have one and a half hour to take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and 40 miles of driving.

    I don't have any time to waste, and certainly I can't waste time lying idle in the bed.

    So to make sure I don't come to work late, I always check my alarm clock that it is properly set before going to sleep.

    It's a very stressful thing. To 'time' my sleep.


    But when I'm on a trip, I can goto sleep without actually setting the clock, but just telling myself,

    "I have to wake up around this time..."

    And give myself an estimate of how long I can sleep. This is certainly a very nice feeling. Not having to set an exact time to wake up.

    At foreign places, it is quite difficult to get the exact time, because of the time difference and my laziness to reset my watch.

    I look at my watch and just go,

    "It's ABOUT 8 AM, I think."

    And never really bother to know the actual time.

    Funny how I avoid knowing the correct time on purpose. I guess I don't want to be tied to a clock, even for just a couple of days...


    Anyway... I just wanted to ask,

    Do you use alarm clock?
  2. I have alarms that go off every day starting at 7:00 and every 10 minutes till 9:00. It helps me keep my sleep schedule.
  3. Negative. I use the Alarm on my phone. But right now without a job I have nothing to wake up for. Just when I need it.
  4. Any sort of alarm system... phone... clock... TV settings... etc.

    I think by looking at a person's waking up habit, I can tell a lot about that person.
  5. I go to sleep once I get bored of whatever I'm doing. Watching TV, posting, xbox, ect. If I'm bored and not tired I take a melatonin. Usually wake up around 10-12.

    What do you know about me?
  6. That you're young, and unemployeed. Single, perhaps.
  7. Well I already told you I'm unemployed but you got the rest right lol.
  8. I use alarm clock sometime.

    I like to set it for 8 am...9 am.....930 am.....10 am.....11 am......1130 am.....12.......1230pm.......1030am.............I hit dismiss every time
  9. Also I never set my alarm to a round number. Just a habit I've had since elementary school. I'll set it to like 9:03 or 10:37
  10. Means you have sharp mind.
  11. [ame=]YouTube - The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping[/ame]
  12. 5:55 every morning, this song wakes me up. It's nice to have herb on my mind to start my day especially if i can't toke.
  13. Sure do.

    I tend to stay up late, so my alarm clock is necessary for me to wake up early enough for classes.
  14. You are older, mid 20's I'm guessing. You got a job, you wear leather shoes to work (instead of sneakers), and you are responsible type.

    Oh, and your boss likes you.
  15. You are like, the guy who always pushes things to their limit.

    Get everything done for that day before you call it a day.

    Libra comes to my mind.
  16. Nope.
  17. whats my name, Skip?
  18. You sounded like one. Like, a guy who's pretty strict on rules and stuff.
  19. i use my phone but im usually up before it goes off, mostly i sit in bed and wait for it to go off. Just insurance so i dont screw up.
  20. I am pretty strict on rules and stuff, but I'm a Taurus.

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